Dani Starks admits Regis University wasn’t her first choice.

But as she gets ready to graduate from the Anderson College of Business, Starks will tell anyone that will listen, it was absolutely the best choice.

“In hindsight I wouldn’t change a thing,” Starks said. “I wouldn’t be who I am if I wasn’t here.”

Starks, who will graduate with her accounting degree and a minor in finance, will start at the accounting firm Richey May in January. She recently sat down with Regis.edu to discuss what a business degree from Colorado’s Jesuit school means. And why it helped her stand out.

You almost didn’t end up at Regis. Are you happy you eventually did?

There is a difference here. You’re in a class with 10 people. You know your classmates and your professor. You’re confident enough to speak up and confident enough to answer questions. If I had a class with 120 people I don’t think I would have participated. Here you’re going to learn because you have to.

You volunteered for the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program which helps members of the community do their taxes. What did you get out of that?

People think of accountants just sitting all day and punching numbers. Originally, I did it for class. But I loved it so much I ended up going to all of the sessions. I loved that what I was doing was helping people in the community. You could see how relieved they were and the burden come off of these people.

How will stewardship and Regis play into your future career?

I think the values give Regis grads a little bit of an edge. When you have the Jesuit values, they apply to any job, not matter what the field. Regis made me think morally and ethically. We’re all here to make money, but we’re also here to help others. Our job is to help clients the best way we can and do that both ethically and morally. I know with the Jesuit values I’ll be the best accountant I can be.