When Paul Hunter started Repurpose Bowties he wasn’t sure where it would lead him.

The company — which makes custom bow ties out of old clothes — has exploded.

Online sales have continued to increase, the bowties can be found in boutiques across the Western United States and Hunter, on the cusp of graduation, has a socially conscious business that has become a model across Regis University.

Hunter sat down with Regis.edu to talk about the top 5 reasons Regis and stewardship helped develop his business.

  1. The teachers. “The way my education has been delivered has completely shaped the structure of my business. Throughout my education, I had professors who I now consider close friends that have encouraged their classes to question the way the “system” works.  I found myself constantly asking myself questions like, “Does this promote equality for society?” and “How does this affect the marginalized?”
  2. The administration. “This campus fosters activism for positive social change. There are universities in this country that would not allow students to challenge administration, but Regis takes these conversations and uses them to become a better university in order to better serve the immediate community and to raise stewards of society.
  3. Business model. “I could certainly outsource my labor to China, produce thousands of ties that now have a strong brand behind them, sell them at half the price, and make 5 times as much money. But this education has taught me a lot about the value of work separate from profit.
  4. Inclusivity matters. “Creating bowties using repurposed materials by the hands of immigrants, refugees and other minorities at a fair wage is far more rewarding than the alternative. Even if it means they’re more expensive and that we sell fewer. 
  5. Trust in a Community. “I have been incredibly thankful to be a part of a community and a culture that provides an outlet for this energy, especially in these times. This environment welcomes conversation from both sides, ultimately leaving all of us better off.”

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