Regis students travel to Uganda for travel learning course.

Abby Schneider is putting people above profits. In her course “Marketing for Social Change: The Uganda Project,” Schneider is teaching a new model of community service, emphasizing stewardship to help students better understand their role in our interconnected world. 

In this course, Schneider hopes to address extreme poverty in Africa. Students not only examine the geographic, historic, political and economic causes of poverty in the classroom, but also travel to Uganda during spring break to experience these issues in person. The students work with BeadforLife – an organization that employs women artisans to create beaded jewelry, increasing their incomes and helping them start their own businesses. 

“By traveling to Uganda to learn about social entrepreneurship, microbusiness and conservation from our Ugandan partners, students develop a sense of solidarity with those who live in distant but highly interconnected places,” said Schneider, who was inspired to get involved after hearing a talk by the co-founder of BeadforLife.

Through immersion into this community, Regis students see first-hand how their decisions as future business stewards impact ecosystems continents away. It is Schneider’s hope that this course will illustrate our collective responsibility for the earth and all of its inhabitants. 

“When our graduates are in the boardroom and they have to make tough decisions, I want them to have a visceral connection with the people their actions will affect so that they can put them above profits,” she said. “I think this experience will help Regis to form students as leaders in service for and with other.” 

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