Submit one copy of this application to the FDC office (CH 201)

Please submit application prior to convention or as soon as possible (within the same semster) after the convention. In either case, you must submit recipts within one week of returning from the conferenceto the FDC office (CH 201, mail code G-16).

Applicant Status:

Check all that apply. If you chose 'other', please fill out the field below explaining the significance of this travel to your professional development.
Estimate of Expenses ($1,200 limit)
Financial Aid for Travel Received during the last 2 years:

By accepting funds, I agree to attend the conference indicated and to submit an expense account with original receipts to FDC within one week after returning from the conference. (Expenditures exceeding $35 must be receipted. Out-of-pocket expenditures above and beyond the $1200 limit should be included in the expense account, in the event that remaining FDC funds at year-end permit additional reimbursement.)