Regis University Develop Practice prepares you to collaborate effectively with a variety of development actors from an integrated, inter-sectoral and global perspective. With this education, you will be able to facilitate holistic development solutions, ranging well beyond the silo of a single discipline. With an eye to social justice, you’ll navigate economic, political, and cultural complexity for lasting development impact. Moreover, your degree will set you on a path of lifelong learning through a discipline of critical reflection.


Achieving a just and sustainable planet demands a holistic policy and attention to the lived realities of communities around the world. To meet this challenge, Regis offers an integrated and collaborative development education for aspiring and current development practitioners. 

Two Development Practice options are available: 

Master of Development Practice
Development Practice Graduate Certificate

Method of Contact

MDP students will receive program communication through an assigned Regis student email account. Course specifics will be delivered through D2L, a learning management system that students use to complete their coursework. Personal email accounts will not be used to communicate program or course information. 

The Development Practice Student Resource Portal (SRP) is located in D2L. The SRP allows students to share news, seek advice and discuss issues as a program community. Career opportunities, a student handbook, master’s thesis information and field immersion opportunities are also available on the SRP.

New Student Orientation

Base Camp, our new student orientation, will occur from August 21st-25th, 2019. During Base Camp, students learn about the academic and cultural expectations of the development practice program, its curriculum and various resources. Students will meet for Base Camp from 7-10 a.m. on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th and will conclude with a social/outdoor activity (details TBD) in the Denver metro area on the 25th.

Student Support and Resources

Regis University’s Learning Commons provides academic support for students, like tutoring services, one-on-one and group workshops and writing help from trained ESL students in The Writing Center.

The Regis University Library also provides a full range of online and on-campus services and resources, including the development practice Library Guide (LibGuide), specifically designed as a research source for DP students. Online access to librarians through the Jesuit university library network provides 24-hour access to research guidance.

Additionally, MDP students are represented in the Students and Alumni Advisory Council (SAAC) of the Global Association of Master of Development Practice (GAM) programs. SAAC gives students a professional platform for job opportunities, networking and promotion of the MDP brand to employers.

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