Global Thinking

Language skills help make connections that lead to sounder critical thinking and clearer insight into one’s own language and can impact the world. Through the development of linguistic and cultural competencies, our students expand their appreciation of cultural expression in literature, fine arts, history and contemporary issues. Opportunities to travel and enroll in courses abroad provide Regis College student the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of language and culture.

Beyond the Classroom


Tertulia is an opportunity for all members of the Regis Community to practice Spanish in a fun, informal setting. Stop by Walker's Pub every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and practice your language skills. Todos Bienvenidos!  


Academic internships offer language students the opportunity to engage in experiential education by integrating knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. Language students participating in academic internships work very closely with business and education environments,  volunteer for non profits at home and abroad,  work as translators and/or interpreters for International health organizations, etc. Find out  about academic internship opportunities in languages by contacting the Academic Internship Program.

Service and Community-Based Learning

In order to strengthen language proficiency and reinforce multicultural experiences, language students are encouraged to interact with target language speakers in the community by participating in service and community-based learning.  In cooperation with the Regis College Center for Service Learning, the Language Department offers its students opportunities to engage in direct and/or community-based service learning. Options include, among others, participation in the Community-Based Spanish/English Exhange Program (CB-SEEP) where students visit the home of a Spanish family for two hours once a week during the semester; working with the English as a Second Language B&G Custodial/Regis Partnership Program; volunteering as teachers' helpers in local schools; volunteering in after school programs; etc.

Find out about Service learning opportunities by visiting the Center for Service Learning.

Study Abroad

The Language Department strongly encourages students to study abroad to build language skills and to immerse in different cultures. Students have a wide variety of options to study abroad. They have a choice of different locations, housing options, and subject areas. Learn how you can begin your experience abroad by visiting the Office of Study Abroad.