How can we help?

The Regis Centers for Counseling and Family Therapy have been set up to provide low to no-cost counseling services for our surrounding communities. Master's Level therapists-in-training will meet with you once per week for an average of 14 weeks per semester. You will have a consistent counselor over those 14 weeks, and your appointment will be at the same time each week. 

We do ask that those receiving therapy agree to be video recorded, as this provides real-time feedback for the therapist to evaluate their skills along with their supervisor. Emerging therapists are eager to learn, and your commitment helps increase the scope and quality of future mental health services as these soon-to-be graduates enter the workforce. You can look forward to an authentic and growth-oriented relationship with your therapist, as well as to the development of  your own base of life-skills derived from the latest research and best practices offered in the field.

​The Regis Center for Counseling and Family Therapy does not provide crisis counseling or suicide prevention counseling.​

If you, or someone you know is suicidal or could harm another person, please CALL 911 ​or contact your local police department.