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New Student Orientation

In a three-day period that will leave you excited and well-equipped for the collegiate journey that awaits, you will be introduced to the many resources, programs, and individuals that will support you and your family through the transition to college. Whether you are a first-year or a transfer student, New Student Orientation is an exciting opportunity to meet new students (most of whom feel a bit nervous and excited just like you), begin building new friendships, connect with faculty, figure out where your classrooms are, and begin to make a place for yourself at Regis. Along the way you’re going to learn something about our mission, glean some tips about being a successful student, eat a bunch of free food, figure out what “intramural sports” actually are, and get to hang out with Father President Fitzgibbons, S.J.

We couldn't be happier that you chose Regis as your college destination. You are about to embark on an incredible adventure where you'll experience new opportunities, push the boundaries of your imagination and challenge yourself to discover what kind of Regis Ranger you'll become. This is your chance to explore and experience. To reflect on who you are and what brought you here. To choose how you will make the most of your experience and where you want to go from here. Welcome to the Regis experience, where every moment, every memory you collect, matters.

Orientation 2021 Schedule Note:  Student Affairs and the Office of the First Year Experience are currently evaluating our orientation programming and schedule in the ever-changing Covid-19 environment.  What we do know is that we’ll be offering a comprehensive orientation for students as well as parents, families and supporters.  Please check back to this page closer to summer 2021 when updates and details will become available.  Questions?  Please email

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Nearby Hotels and Places to Stay

Stay in comfort while you and your family are in town for orientation. We offer a comprehensive list of hotel recommendations, many of which offer discounts to Regis students and families. 

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Resources for Commuter Students

Have questions about being a commuter student? Learn about all of the resources that are available to you as a Regis commuter and how our Commuter Assistants can help Regis feel like home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since New Student Orientation is crucial for a student's success at Regis, we require it for ALL new students. It is very important for students to be here to check in for their appropriate Welcome Home and participate in the activities throughout the weekend.

No, but there are many shuttle/bus options that students can use. The RTD light rail also recently opened to provide transportation from the airport to Union Station. More information on the light rail and the RTD schedule can be found here.

Parking fees during Orientation Weekend are waived. Students and families parking on campus before or after orientation should pay for their parking using the parking kiosks or ParkMobile App. More information about parking on campus can be found on our Transporation and Parking page. 

All students that intend to park their vehicles on campus during the school year will need a parking permit. Information about obtaining a parking permit can be found at


Dress for orientation weekend is casual. Shorts or jeans are appropriate for most events.

The Ranger Station Bookstore is located in Regis Square and is generally fully stocked for the start of a new semester three weeks before classes start. Visit the Ranger Station page for details on hours and how you can reserve your books.

Beat the crowds in the Bookstore during orientation and order your textbooks in advance and have them ready for “pick-up” at the Bookstore. The time saved purchasing your textbooks in advanced will give you time in the Bookstore during orientation to purchase lots of Regis gear. This will allow you to be ready to start your Fall classes with all of your required textbooks on the first day of your classes. Make sure to bring a copy of your class schedule, as it will enable bookstore staff to assist you in finding and purchasing your required course materials.
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Student Activities

Student Center 2nd Floor

8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.