Foundations and Prerequisites in MS in Accounting Process

Policy Number: #200

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Academic and Research, Enrollment Vice President

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of Enrollment Services

Date Revised: 12-01-2020

A. Purpose

B. Scope

C. The Policy

  1. Admissions
    1. Accept students into CB.MS.AC (MS in Accounting) academic program. The CB.AC.US program will be eliminated.
    2. Activate the ‘PI’ (Prerequisite Incomplete) flag for all individuals needing the prerequisite/foundational courses completed before starting the master’s level courses in Accounting. The ‘PI’ flag is a registration hold and the student will need to contact Student Services or Registration to get registered for any additional prerequisite courses.
  2. Financial Aid
    1. Once students are fully admitted to the MS in Accounting program and all FAFSA required documents received, a student needing the prerequisite/foundational courses will be awarded as a graduate student like all other students in this program that were admitted not needing the prerequisite/foundational courses; however, students must meet enrollment requirements for undergraduate courses while taking the prerequisite/foundational courses (i.e. six credit hours in UG prerequisites are required for half-time enrollment).
    2. Only courses listed as required prerequisite/foundational courses on the individual student degree plan will be allowed to count for Financial Aid enrollment requirements.
  3. Advising
    1. Monitor completion of prerequisites and remove the ‘PI’ flag once all prerequisite/foundational have been satisfactorily completed.
  4. Student Accounts
    1. Students will be invoiced the Anderson College of Business MS in Accounting Graduate tuition rate for all UG prerequisite/foundational coursework but will receive a tuition discount that will reduce the tuition for these courses to the Anderson College of Business Undergraduate tuition rate.
    2. Students within the MS in Accounting program will be ineligible to receive any other tuition discounts (10% military flat rate, etc.) until all prerequisite/foundational courses have been satisfied.
    3. OCICU sections of courses of prerequisite/foundational courses do not qualify for the UG rate.
    4. Students will be invoiced the Anderson College of Business MS in Accounting tuition rate for all other coursework.
  5. Academic Records and Registration
    1. Students will need to submit a Preferred Tuition Discount Form, if eligible for a tuition discount, after all prerequisite/foundational courses have been completed. The appropriate discount will only be applied after the ‘PI’ registration restriction has been ended by the advisor.

D. Definitions

E. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms and Other Resources (Optional)

F. End Notes

  1. Schedule revision date October 1, 2020