Policies and Procedures

Academics and Research

Academic Integrity Policy

Cornerstone Learning Community First Year Experience Scholarship Process Policy

Foundations and Prerequisites in MS in Accounting Process Policy

HIPAA Policy

Military Leave of Absence and Readmission Policy

Non Communication Drop Policy

Non Responsive Reentry and Returning Student Policy

Medical Leave of Absence and Re-Entry Policy

Not Coming Drop Policy

Posting Policies (Facebook Audiences)

Registration Consent Policy

Registration Status Update and Tuition Appeal Policy

Religious Workers Tuition Discount Program Policy

Speech and Expression Policy

Student Consent to Release Confidential Information Policy

Voluntary and Involuntary Leave of Absence and Reentry Policy

Business and Finance

Athletic Field Use Policy

Commemorative Gifts - Bench Program Policy

Commemorative Gifts - Arboretum Trees

Disposal of Bodily Fluids Policy

Energy Conservation/Management Policy

Events Policy

Events Support Policy

Furnishing and Move Policies and Procedures

Hazard Communication Program Policy

Inclement Weather Policy (Athletics)

Key Policy

Moving Policy

Regis Lowell Campus Signage Policy

Signage Posting Policy

Skateboard Policy

Snow Removal Policy

Vehicle Check in/Check Out Policy

Vehicle Guidelines and Procedures Policy


General University Policies

Gift Acceptance Policy

Brand Standards Policy

Weather Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Student Affairs

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Concussion Policy

Copyright Policy

Enrollment Agreement Policy

FERPA Policy

Student Complaints Policy

Governance and Legal

Policy on Policies

Human Resources

Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation Policy

Employee Tuition Benefit (ETB) Policy


Sexual Misconduct Process and Procedures

Staffing Review Policy

Information Technology

Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Policy

Drone Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Print and Digital Assets Policy

Privacy Policy


Responsible Use of E-mail Policy

Responsible Use of University Technology Resources Policy

Social Media Policy

Terms of Use Policy

Web Governance Policy

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