Transcript/Diploma Financial Hold Exemption Policy

Policy Number: #300

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of Student Accounts

Date Adopted: 08-03-2022

Date Revised: 08-30-2023

A. Purpose

This policy captures the circumstances under which Regis University will release transcript and/or diploma holds for individuals with financial debts/holds in accordance with Colorado HB 22-1049.

B. Scope

This policy applies to individuals owing a debt to Regis University for tuition, room and board or other financial aid funds, excluding international students. International students are not subject to an exemption under this policy.

C. Policy

  1. Regis University maintains a policy of withholding transcripts or diplomas of any individual who owes a debt to the University and forbidding registration holds, unless an exemption exists as outlined in this policy.
    1. Registration holds:
      1. On-campus, daytime (traditional) undergraduate students (current or former) with balances exceeding $1000 in arrears will be restricted from enrolling into future coursework until such past due balances are reduced below the $1000 threshold.
      2. Non-traditional (post-traditional) undergraduate and graduate students (current or former) with balances exceeding $200 in arrears will be restricted from enrolling in future coursework until such past due balances are reduced below the $200 threshold.
      3. Students (current or former) with an active payment agreement covering the defaulted balances will not be permitted to enroll until the terms of the payment plan have been satisfied.
    2. Third-Party Collection Agency:
      1. Regis University may refer any delinquent debts of $200 or more to a third-party collection agency as outlined and agreed to by each student (current or former) at the point of registration and e-signing of the Regis University Enrollment Agreement.
      2. Students (current or former) receive at least 120 days to resolve any past due balance or establish a payment agreement on any defaulted balance with Regis University prior to a third-party collection agency referral.
    3. Transcript/Diploma withholding: Official transcripts and diplomas will not be released until all past due balances are paid in full, unless an exemption applies as outlined in this policy.
  2. Exemptions are granted solely for individuals who can demonstrate that the transcript/diploma request is required for one of the following reasons:
    1. Job application
    2. Transferring to another postsecondary institution
    3. Applying for state, federal or institutional financial aid
    4. Pursuit of opportunities in the military or national guard
    5. Pursuit of other postsecondary opportunities
  3. Process and Procedure:
    1. Upon submission of an official transcript/diploma request, in-person, by phone or via the National Clearinghouse website, all parties with a transcript/diploma hold(s) will be referred to the Office of Student Accounts.
    2. The Office of Student Accounts will approve the release of transcript/diploma if the recipient of said document is outlined as a:
      1. Potential job site or employment opportunity
      2. Postsecondary institution
      3. Application for State, federal, or institutional financial aid
      4. Military or National Guard affiliated office.
    3. The Office of Student Accounts will deny the release of transcript if it is determined that the student does not meet one of the four requirements mentioned above and requests the transcript released directly to their personal residence.
  4. Complaints
    1. Students (current or former) may file a complaint pertaining to HB 22-1049 by contacting:
      Colorado Department of Law
      Consumer Protection Section
      Consumer Credit Unit - SLS
      Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center
      1300 Broadway, 6th Floor
      Denver, CO 80203
      Consumer Complaints & Licensing:
      Ph: (720) 508-6975
      Fax: (720) 508-6033
    2. Students (current or former) may contact the Director for the Office of Student Accounts to file any complaints pertaining to the Regis University policy:
      Regis University
      Office of Student Accounts
      3333 Regis Blvd, A8
      Denver, CO 80221-1099
      Ph: 303-458-4126
      Toll-Free: 800-568-8932

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