Commemorative Gifts - Arboretum Trees

Policy Number: #400

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Senior Vice President and CFO

Responsible Office(s):

  • Physical Plant and University Advancement

Date Adopted: 01-01-2018

Date Revised: 01-01-2021

A. Purpose

The Arboretum at Regis University is located on the Lowell Campus and provides many opportunities to study and observe a diverse plant palette. Home to eleven Champion Trees, the Arboretum consists of more than 1280 trees, 90 genera, and 290 plus species.

The purpose of the Commemorative Gifts – Arboretum Trees Program is to assist in the replacement and planting of new trees that enhance the campus and Arboretum. The program is designed for individuals and/or groups who wish to have a commemorative or memorial tree planted.


Information related to commemorative gifts can be found on the Regis University website, managed by University Advancement, at Ways to Give.

B. Scope


The cost of planting a tree is $1,500 and covers the purchase of the tree, soil preparation, planting, and perpetual care. Also included in the cost is a ground-level bronze designation 8” X 10” plaque that can be personalized according to the donor’s wishes, with approval by the CFO & Senior Vice President. The tree and the plaque are both installed at the same time during the appropriate planting season. Depending on the time of year, tree acquisition may be delayed due to weather. When finalizing a tree location, the University practices due diligence in investigating future growth, planning and infrastructure maintenance.


Upon inquiry, a list of potential locations and tree species is provided to donors to help with their selection. Planting and maintenance are performed by the University’s Physical Plant department. Every effort is made to ensure that the donor’s wishes are met in terms of the type of tree and location. The Associate Vice President of Physical Plant is sent the request for proper tree location according to future Master Plan projections. In conjunction with the Director of Operations, Physical Plant the locations of each request are reviewed and plotted. The Director of Stewardship in University Advancement then communicates with the donor to ensure acceptable results.

C. Policy

Processing and Installation Procedures

  1. Applications and payments are received by the University Advancement office and processed by the Director of Stewardship and deposited to 62-000-900100-2374-4710.
  2. The Director of Stewardship forwards the application and approval form to the CFO & Senior Vice President for approval.
  3. Once approved, the payment and a copy of the application are directed to University Advancement Services by the Director of Stewardship for proper processing and recording on the database. Payments need to be reflected in 62-000-900100-2374-4710. No purchase of materials, including tree, plaque or otherwise will occur until the Physical Plant Administrative Manager reports the full deposit in the above listed account number.
  4. The Director of Stewardship forwards the original application with signature to the (or AVP for Physical Plant to process the order. Physical Plant orders the campus standard plaque. Expenses will be processed by Physical Plant out of 62-000-900100-2374-7105. Please allow 10-12 weeks for supplies & materials.
  5. University Advancement Services generates a gift acknowledgment from the President.
  6. The Director of Physical Plant works w/ the Director of Stewardship to determine the type of tree and placement for the donor’s request. The Director of Stewardship contacts the donor regarding location and the type of tree to be planted.
  7. Once received, Physical Plant will place the plaque in front of the tree that was selected (in the cases where the tree is already planted) or the tree is planted, with the plaque being placed at the same time.
  8. Upon installation of the tree and plaque, the Director of Stewardship contacts the donor that the work is complete and takes a photo to be provided to them.
  9. The Physical Plant Department provides the Director of Stewardship an updated list of commemorative and memorial trees and an electronic map showing their location.
  10. On an annual basis, the Physical Plant Department updates the master map that includes the location of trees and plaques.