Skateboard Policy

Policy Number: #400

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Senior Vice President and CFO

Responsible Office(s):

  • Student Life, Campus Safety, Physical Plant, Legal Services, President’s office, Vice President of Administration, Human Resources, Health Services

Date Adopted: 03-01-2008

Date Revised: 01-01-2021

A. Purpose

Instituting a stronger Skateboard Policy for better enforcement.

Currently, in the student handbook the following is provided as a policy for In-line Skates, Skateboards, Rollerblades.

“In-line Skates/skateboards/rollerblades may be kept in the resident’s room. However, these may not be used or worn in the hallways, stairwells, or common areas. Students found in violation will be subject to disciplinary action”.

This issue is not only important to protect in regards to physical damage but it is important we have a policy in place to protect willful offenders from hurting themselves. This would reduce our liability potential.

B. Scope

This policy does not cover the exterior of the buildings and or the campus as a whole. The facilities and campus grounds are experiencing severe damage in many areas around the campus because of the act of grinding from skateboards. Grinding is riding the board on its side on angles of structures in order to influence the overall experience of the ride. What is happening is that we are receiving damage on plagues, benches, seating areas, handrails, and art forms around the campus. Last year alone we spent over $25,000 affecting repairs from this damage. This year it is looking like about $16,000 and some new Victorian benches and senior class donations cannot be repaired. The most important area is the new Hartman Plaza to where we had to reseal the compass and crest area due to the damage. If you go out there today you will see the grinding marks all over the surface again.

C. Policy

Skateboards, coasters, inline skates, toy vehicles, or similar devices can cause damage to University property as well as pose safety hazards to pedestrians when not properly managed. Skateboards may be ridden only on University exterior hardscape and only for the purpose of safe transportation. Skateboarders are not permitted to perform tricks, jumps, or movements that would put themselves, others, or University property in danger. When skateboarding, all four wheels must be on the ground at all times. The use of skateboards, coasters, inline skates, toy vehicles, or similar devices inside campus buildings, with the exception of resident student rooms, is strictly prohibited. In-line skates/skateboards/rollerblades/coasters/toy vehicles or similar devices may be kept in resident student rooms. However, these may not be used or worn in the hallways, stairwells, or common areas of residence facilities or in any interior area of any other University building. Students and employees found in violation will be subject to disciplinary action.

Non-Regis University students and visitors must also abide by this policy. If not, they will be asked to leave Regis University property and may be asked not to return. Continued infractions of this policy by visitors will lead to trespassing charges being filed with the Denver Police Department.