Not Coming Drop Policy

Policy Number: #200

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Academic and Research, Enrollment Vice President

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of Enrollment Services

Date Revised: 12-01-2020

A. Purpose

B. Scope

C. The Policy

  • 1. The student is the sole person responsible for the registration and/or drop/withdrawal of their courses as per the terms agreed upon in their application for admission to Regis University, which are outlined in the one-time Enrollment Agreement in which the student agrees upon at the time of admission, as follows:
  • 2. You acknowledge and agree as a student at Regis University (“University”):
    • a. It is Your right and responsibility to register for courses each academic term in which You are enrolled;
    • b. You must take certain pre-requisites and/or are expected to remain with Your class cohort to progress through Your academic program;
    • c. You have voluntarily elected to the University to register You for courses for the first term; and
    • d. You have both the opportunity and the responsibility for cancelling Your registration for that term in accordance with the University’s then applicable withdrawal policy before You are assessed tuition or fees for that term, and You may do so at
  • 3. An exception may occur to the above statement should a student inadvertently remain registered for course(s) after express, authenticated verbal or written request have been made to remove the student from the status of Student within Regis University via the Office of Admissions.
  • 4. It is the responsibility of the Office of Admissions to ensure that students who express, authenticated verbal or written requests to be removed from Student status to Not Coming should be removed from all registered courses in conjunction with moving their program status to Not Coming. The Office of Admissions must also contact Academic Records to ensure that the student’s academic program in inactivated.
  • 5. Should the above stated policy not be upheld due to technological or human error or oversight, the Office of Student Services retains the ability to remove a student from courses once the student’s Not Coming status is verified.

D. Definitions

E. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms and Other Resources (Optional)

F. End Notes

  • 1. Scheduled revision date: 8/13/21