Moving Policy

Policy Number: #400

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Vice President and CFO

Responsible Office(s):

  • Physical Plant

Date Adopted: 04-01-2020

Date Revised: 08-16-2022

A. Purpose

The primary mission of the Regis University Physical Plant Department is to properly maintain the Lowell Campus buildings and grounds and to oversee any alterations or improvements to those facilities. In the spirit of the University's mission of service to others, the Physical Plant Department also provides support to other University departments for moving furniture, equipment, and supplies to various locations on the Lowell Campus. The purpose of this policy is to delineate responsibilities of the Physical Plant Department as well as those of departments requesting moving services.

B. Scope

This policy has oversight for all support from the Physical Plant to the University populace in managing the proper request and over sight management of Regis Assets to be relocated within the University authorized reach. The approving authority for this oversight is with the AVP of Physical Plant.

C. The Policy

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Departments are expected to move boxes under 25 lbs. each when there are fewer than 10 boxes. Dollies may be borrowed from the Physical Plant for this purpose. If physical limitations or related factors prohibit departmental staff from completing such moves, a request for Physical Plant assistance is appropriate.
  • Departments receiving shipping orders must specify, one the purchase order, delivery at specific drop-off points (e.g., specific storage room or office within a building). Similarly, departments ordering new furniture must specify, on the purchase order, delivery to the department. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to the department to have the supplier or vendor relocate supplies, equipment or furniture to the appropriate site.
  • Departments must box and label items to be moved prior to the scheduled move time.
  • Departments must submit moving requests to the Physical Plant Department through the current work order system. With the exception of special circumstances as described below, moving requests should be submitted ten working days in advance of the planned move. (Note: It would be helpful to notify the Physical Plant Department of a planned move at the same time a furniture order is placed. In addition, if telecommunications and/or computing equipment are involved in the move, the requesting department should coordinate this activity with Information Services, as needed.)

Physical Plant Responsibilities

  • Upon receipt of a work order, Physical Plant staff will coordinate with the requesting department a moving schedule according to the following priority assignment agreed to by the requesting department and the Director of Physical Plant or designee:
    • Emergency Request: Issues requiring immediate action due to imminent danger or property damage (moving response immediate).
    • Essential Request: Issues that present potential discomfort or safety issues (moving response within three days).
    • Routine Request: Regular work that is needed to improve, enhance or repair existing conditions (moving response within ten working days).
  • Physical Plant staff will relocate or dispose of old furnishings if given ten working days advance notice. It should be noted that the University does not have storage space for old furnishings. If there is a charge to Physical Plant for disposal, it will be charged back to the department.

C. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms and Other Resources

Move Instructions

Boxes and Labels

  • Do some cleaning/recycling prior to packing.
  • Please do not overload boxes (either in weight or in volume. i.e., no bulging).
  • Tape the underside of the boxes. Please share.
  • Label with destination building name (or initials) and room/cubicle #.
  • Extra boxes are to be saved and collected at a designated spot.

Furniture and Equipment

  • Label everything with its destination number.
  • Please pack everything (i.e. desks drawers etc.). Tape drawers shut.
  • Pack everything above the bottom two drawers of VERTICAL filing cabinets and lock.
  • Don’t forget to label your pictures, recycling and trash containers.
  • Lamps can be labeled to move. Please remove and pack light bulbs though.
  • Take any plants, art, personal, and/or breakable items home during your move or provide an inventory list of the items you want to relinquish the moving responsibility.

Computers/Printers/Fax Machines

  • Individuals are responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting their own computers.
  • Shut down and turn off computers.
  • Unplug cables and pack (label box so you can find it first when you unpack).
  • Reconnect computer at new location (cables are color-coded).
  • Call Help Center (x4050) for assistance.


  • Contact ITS Help Center (x4050) to schedule phone move.

Mail Stops

  • Contact the Mail Room regarding new locations, if applicable.


  • Submit Key Request forms approx. one week before move.
  • Keys should then be ready for pick up from Room 19, DeSmet Hall.
  • Keys must be picked up and signed for by the room occupant.
  • Turn in old keys at the same time.