Staffing Review Policy

Policy Number: #600

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of Human Resources

Date Revised: 12-01-2020

A. Purpose

The Committee on Staffing serves as one of Regis University’s decision-making bodies committed to developing a culture of self-reflection and evaluation in order to regularly and continuously improve processes and streamline operations. Regular staffing reviews will allow Regis to consider and/or implement related efficiencies and direct savings towards student financial aid and scholarships, competitive faculty and staff benefits and salaries, a physical and technological environment conducive to learning and social interaction, and programs that directly serve our academic and service missions. Over time, these efficiency and streamlining efforts will also enhance our ability to rebuild debt capacity to fuel future growth.

Appointed by the President, the committee members include at least three members of the President’s Cabinet, with consultation and support from the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and staff

B. The Policy

  1. Staffing requests that require review of the committee include, but are not limited to:
    1. Establishing a new unbudgeted position
    2. Increase in the full-time equivalency (FTE) of a budgeted position
    3. Authorization to recruit for a vacant budgeted position
  2. Department heads must consult with the Department of Human Resources regarding salary or wage, work schedule and FTE calculation, education and experience requirements, FLSA determination, title, or other position classification or compensation matters prior to a request being forwarded for review and submission to the committee.
  3. Following review and analysis, Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, Dean of Students, and Dean of Library should submit supported requests on behalf of their reporting units to the committee members via email. Requests must be submitted using the Cabinet Committee on Staffing Request Form and should include a comprehensive rationale or business case supporting the specific staffing need. Staffing requests must generally be accompanied by a current or proposed job description for the position being reviewed. More complex staffing requests require a detailed funding plan (spreadsheet).
  4. No staffing request may be submitted to the University Budget Committee (UBC) prior to approval by the Committee on Staffing.
  5. Requests for temporary staffing (associated with a vacant budgeted position), increases in the compensation of a budgeted position and change in the title of a budgeted position only require approval from the area Vice President. However, adherence with University policies and practices regarding the use of temporary workers must be discussed in advance with the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, or designee, and prior to final approval and hire.

C. Definitions

D. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms and Other Resources (Optional)

  1. Cabinet Committee on Staffing Request Form

E. End Notes

  1. Updated 4/7/20