Cornerstone Learning Community First Year Experience Scholarship Process Policy

Policy Number: #200

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Academic and Research, Enrollment Vice President

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of Enrollment Services

Date Revised: 12-01-2020

A. Purpose

B. Scope

C. The Policy

1. New undergraduate students with 0-44 transfer credits who are enrolling in post-traditional undergraduate programs are required to enroll in the Cornerstone Learning Community (CLC) and complete a four course sequence. Up to two of the courses may be accepted in transfer. Upon successful completion of the CLC sequence and at least four courses at Regis, students are eligible to apply for the CLC scholarship covering tuition for one three-credit undergraduate course so long as they maintain continuous enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

2. Students will be identified at the time of admission and coded with an APPL.ADMIT.STATUS of CLC (Cornerstone Learning Community). Once all transcripts have been received and the admissions file is complete, the record is coded with an ATR. TEC (Transfer Evaluation Center) will complete a course evaluation and add UGADV45 so that the CLC Student Success Coach can identify the students through an Informer Report. Once the student has completed 50% of the fourth required course, the CLC Student Success Coach will complete the required Financial Aid scholarship form and submit to the workflow. The form will wait in the Sort queue until the student has successfully completed the course and the verified grade has been posted. The form is then routed to the Office of Financial Aid to build the scholarship into the student’s award package.

D. Definitions

E. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms and Other Resources (Optional)

F. End Notes