Snow Removal Policy

Policy Number: #400

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Senior Vice President and CFO

Responsible Office(s):

  • Physical Plant

Date Adopted: 09-01-2009

Date Revised: 01-01-2021

A. Purpose

This policy is to establish operations to support snow removal procedures for the Physical Plant staff.

B. Scope

For definition purposes:

Regis Physical Plant business hours are:

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Normal Physical Plant coverage hours are:

Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

When conditions mandate, snow removal duties may extend past or start before normal Physical Plant coverage hours. Regular work schedules and duties of all Physical Plant staff may change to accommodate snow removal.

C. Definitions

Snow removal at Regis University is a critical mission responsibility which falls in the capable hands of the Physical Plant department for removal purposes. It is acknowledged the Physical Plant department personnel are all classified as mission essential. Snow removal responsibilities and activities are a critical condition of employment for each position within the Physical Plant, no exceptions. Each position within the Physical Plant, barring Administrative staff, is considered mission essential personnel. This policy is further clarified in the following paragraphs.

D. Policy

To provide a clean approach to all campus facilities and create as safe an environment as possible at all times during snow and ice conditions. Snow removal shall be the responsibility of all Physical Plant staff members and those others assigned to the Physical Plant.

The Director of Operations, or his designates, under the delegation of the Associate Vice President Physical Plant/Capital Projects, shall coordinate all Physical Plant staff in snow removal activities.

All Physical Plant staff members are hereby notified that at any time they may be called upon to help in the removal of snow. Unless he/she has made prior arrangements with the Director of Operations, the Assistant Director of Operations, or the Landscape Maintenance Manager, they are subject to a call-in for snow removal. From the time an employee is called, arrival at Regis is expected within one (1) hour, or the time designated by the Landscape Maintenance Manager. This includes reasonable allowances for weather conditions and other uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances that prevent the employee from arriving within this time frame. Planned authorized vacation use by an employee during snow emergencies will automatically restrict any employee from the possibility of being called in for snow removal duties unless other prior arrangements have been made.

Refusal or failure on the behalf of an employee to show up; uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances which prevent timely arrival, or the inability of the Snow Removal Coordinator (SRC) to contact him/her by phone or by any other previously arranged means, may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. The SRC will attempt to provide prior notice, if possible, on snow response conditions in order to give the employee an opportunity to alter his/her daily schedule to respond; however, it is the employee's incumbent responsibility and a condition of employment to have alternative proactive arrangements made when called in for snow removal. All employees shall maintain an accurate phone listing with the Physical Plant office or make other arrangements with the SRC whereby they can be contacted. All Physical Plant employees are subject to a call for snow removal at any time and must prepare themselves for this inevitable consequence.

All employees are expected to provide their own transportation to Regis for a snow call-in. In the event of snow falls, employees whose vehicles have become incapacitated shall notify the SRC and arrangements may be made to pick them up. However, this may not always be possible and it remains the ultimate responsibility of each and every employee to provide their own transportation. In the event an employee's vehicle becomes disabled in transit, the employee will immediately notify the employer of the disability and advise of his/her expected availability. The phone number to call is (303) 458-4122, Campus Safety.

Also, in the event of large snow falls, it may be prudent for employees of the Physical Plant to remain at Regis for periods of time in excess of twelve (12) hours. In this event, employees will be offered a place to sleep on or near campus and meals in accordance with the meal benefit and sleep-time section of this policy. Employees have the option to refuse staying on campus and may elect to leave the University after their shift. Leaving the University does not relieve the employee of his or her responsibility to return on time for their next shift.

Due to the nature of snow call-in, it does not fall within the (3) hour pay benefit associated with the on-call procedure. Rather, all personnel called in for snow call-in will receive one (1) hour in addition to actual time worked. This only applies to employees who have been asked via an unplanned or impromptu phone call to arrive more than one hour prior to his/her regularly scheduled shift. It does not apply to previously arranged shift changes.

Conditions and Procedures

Even the lightest of snows may turn to ice and cause slippery and hazardous conditions. Therefore, regardless of the amount of snow accumulation, all sidewalks, exterior steps and entryways must be kept clear. As snow begins to accumulate and the following conditions begin to prevail, under the supervision of the SRC or his/her delegate, the following procedures shall commence. All conditions may exist, or as conditions deteriorate, the procedures shall commence as needed or simultaneously. It will be at the discretion of the SRC whether any or all of the removal procedures are needed or procedures are changed to meet particular situations, but generally they are as follows:

Snow Fall Procedure(s)




Hand shoveling (broom-off if possible) of steps, entrances, sidewalks, and ramps. Edge to edge at all times.

Brush sidewalks, plazas and brick fire lanes. Edge to edge at all times. 

Possible application of ice melt to walks, ramps, and steps with SRC's permission. 

Additional accumulation


Plow sidewalks and/or brush sidewalks. 

Ice melt walks, ramps and steps as needed with snow SRC's permission. 

Additional accumulation




Plow roadways and entrances. 

Begin application of squeegee to drives, entrances and stop sign areas with SRC's permission.

Plow parking lots starting with drive lanes and entrances. Lastly, stalls will be plowed if needed. 


These priorities are not binding on the SRC and may change according to varying needs of a particular storm and depending on time/day of storm, amount of accumulation, etc. 


Emergency vehicle access roads and entrances shall be plowed first and kept clear during the duration of the storm. In the event of large snow storms, the SRC will instruct operators on where to store large piles of snow. The following roadways are as follows:


  1. Roadway east of DeSmet/O'Connell and south to Regis Boulevard at Entrance #1. Two passes through Entrance #1 adjacent to Loyola on east side.

    Two passes around Lot #2 just south of Library.

    Two passes at drive connecting Lot #2 to Lot #3.

    Two passes around Lot #3 just south of Student Center and west of Library.

  1. Entrance #4, Lower Lot #4, north ALC drive, ALC hill drive around upper Lot #4, entrance #3, west Student Center drive to west Main Hall and then Jesuit House. Two passes in all areas.
  2. Lot #6 south entry, drive lanes and Lot #6 north entry, shuttle gate, and shuttle drive from north Dome to north Field House drive. Two passes in all areas. 

Depending on the number of plows in operation, the parking lots shall be plowed in the following order:

Plow truck (north side)

  1. Main Hall and Jesuit House lots
  2. Adult Learning Center upper lot
  3. Adult Learning Center lower lot
  4. Lot #3 south side
  5. Fieldhouse drive, east of Fieldhouse, and north of Adult Learning Center drive

Plow truck (south side)

  1. Lot #1 (west side near Loyola)
  2. Lot #2
  3. Lot #3 (north side)
  4. Lot #6, shuttle gate drive and north Dome
  5. Lot #1 (east side)
  6. Lot #3 (south side)

First Available Plow Truck

  1. DeSmet Hall and O'Connell Hall lots
  2. Ignatian Village
  3. Pomponio Village
  4. Outback road
  5. Well House road

Do not store snow near the following:

  • building entrances
  • sidewalk entrances
  • handicapped ramps or handicapped parking spots
  • trash containers
  • fire hydrants
  • on or near bushes
  • to the uphill side of a road or sidewalk
  • the parking lots, parking spaces, and roads must be thoroughly removed of snow from curb to curb
  • emergency call boxes
  • top, bottom or on sides of stairs
  • on or under benches
  • north sides of buildings
  • on plazas and fire lanes

Tractor plowing and/or Brushing Priorities:

Rotate operators as needed.

  1. DeSmet Hall
  2. Boettcher Commons
  3. Student Center
  4. West hall
  5. Main Hall
  6. Dayton Memorial Library
  7. O'Connell Hall
  8. Ignatian Village
  9. Adult Learning Center
  10. Jesuit House
  11. Loyola Hall
  12. Science Building
  13. Life Directions Center
  14. Fine Arts
  15. Carroll Hall
  16. St. John Francis Regis Chapel
  17. Fieldhouse
  18. Dome and South Lawn public restrooms

Hand Shoveling/Ice Melt:

  1. Main Hall - (7) entrances
  2. North DeSmet stairs
  3. O'Connell Hall - (5) entrances, steps on west side leading to Main Hall
  4. Jesuit House - (4) entrances
  5. Adult Learning Center - (7) entrances
  6. Fine Arts – (2) entrances
  7. DeSmet Hall - (3) entrances, ramp on northwest corner
  8. Carroll Hall - (4) entrances
  9. West Hall - (4) entrances, steps on south side
  10. Student Center - (6) entrances
  11. Dayton Memorial Library - rear ramp, entire north verandah
  12. Loyola Hall - (5) entrances
  13. Science Building - (3) entrances, east ramp and north ramp (Check as often as SRC directs.)
  14. Life Directions Center - (2) entrances
  15. Fieldhouse - (4) entrances
  16. St. John Francis Regis Chapel - (5) entrances
  17. Ignatian Village front door entrances not back door entrances
  18. Pomponio Village – (2) entrances


  1. Sand all entrances - both in-and-out lanes
  2. In front of all stop signs
  3. All roadways, especially at curbs, hills and intersections

Special treatment areas:

Brush and/or shoveling areas only. Ice melt or sand application only if directed by SRC. No plowing.

  1. Chapel Plaza
  2. North Main Hall Plaza to include stairs and landings
  3. Fire Lane to include Donor Wall and north Carroll Hall Compass and Crest
  4. Science Art Plaza
  5. All stained concrete areas.

Monitoring/Reporting Conditions:

During regular business hours:

Snow accumulation shall be monitored by the SRC, or his designee. The employees of the Physical Plant shall be employed as needed to effectively remove snow and maintain safe conditions.

From Friday 6:30 p.m. to Monday 7 a.m. , i.e. Weekends:

Snow accumulation shall be monitored and managed by Campus Safety. The ranking officer on duty will contact the SRC, or his designee, when conditions warrant: when snow starts to fall or when rain turns to ice. At the appropriate time, the SRC will initiate the calling of employees to report to duty, given weather conditions.

From 6:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. - Night Hours

Snow fall will be monitored by the Campus Safety staff on duty. The ranking officer on duty will contact the SRC, or his designee, the moment it begins snowing or when rain turns to ice. At that time, the SRC will respond to take the appropriate corrective action which may include initiating the calling of employees to duty.

If conditions warrant, all Physical Plant employees shall participate in snow removal.

Staff Duties and Assignments:

Every effort will be made to equalize among all the members of Physical Plant the number of snow calls any one individual may be subject to. By virtue of their experience and expertise, Landscape personnel are relied upon more heavily for snow removal duty.

Snow removal is the responsibility of ALL Physical Plant employees. The SRC, or his designee, will coordinate removal efforts. As snow accumulates and conditions worsen, additional staff may be called upon to assist, relieve, or supplement the staff on duty. Those called in will be under the direction of the SRC.

It will be in the judgement of the SRC, or his designee, as to when additional staff is needed to support snow removal efforts.

When conditions warrant, all crew members will participate in snow removal efforts into the morning, afternoon, and/or evening hours.

Custodial services snow removal responsibilities shall extend twenty-five (25) feet in front of all building entrances. This does not exclude Physical Plant employees from cleaning these areas when needed. Custodial services snow removal responsibilities extend from 4:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Work Week:

For the purposes of snow removal, the work week shall consist of any forty (40) hours worked from Monday

morning at 12:01 a.m. to Sunday night at midnight.

Length of shifts:

  • Due to the fatiguing nature of snow removal and to maintain safety, an employee should not work longer than two (2) hours without a fifteen (15) minute break in a warm environment, with access to bathrooms and hot beverages.
  • An employee should not work longer than a twelve (12) hour shift without time off for sleep and/or rest for a period of at least eight hours.

Meal Benefits and Sleep-time:

If an employee arrives more than one hour prior to his/her regularly scheduled shift, excluding shift changes, a meal shall be offered at the campus cafeteria or other establishment. It is preferred employees take advantage of this free meal offered on campus. If the campus cafeteria is closed and will not be opened by the time the employee is due his/her allotted meal time, or because of his/her own choosing, the employee may then elect and is authorized to go off campus and eat a meal according to the Regis per diem reimbursement rates authorized. The employee will have to submit a receipt and paperwork by using the Employee Reimbursement Report/Reimbursement Request form for reimbursement through Accounts Payable. The duration of the meal period shall be 30 minutes, whether or not the meal is eaten on or off campus.

In addition, the meal benefit will extend to include all meals if employees choose to sleep at or near Regis to avoid being stranded in severe weather. All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, shall be provided at University expense and/or reimbursement to the employee at the per diem rate. It will remain the SRC’s discretion as to whether or not conditions warrant an extension of the meal benefit and offer of sleep accommodations.

All meal times will be scheduled with the permission of the SRC. The standard will be employees will not work more than six (6) hours without a meal break; however, the conditions of the weather will dictate meal time.

All sleep periods will be scheduled with the permission of the SRC and shall be a minimum of eight hours.

During periods of University-wide closure due to snow fall or ice accumulation, mission essential personnel shall not be compensated over and above their standard hourly rate and/or applicable Federal requirements regarding overtime compensation.

This Regis University Snow Removal Policy Revised 9/25/09 will supersede any previously issued snow removal policies.