Honorary Doctorates and Civis Princeps Awards Policy

Policy Number: #200

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Provost

Responsible Office(s):

  • Office of the Provost

Date Adopted: 03-26-2023

A. Purpose

Regis University has established honorary doctorates and Civis Princeps awards to recognize outstanding individuals whose lives and work exhibit the highest values of Jesuit higher education. The Civis Princeps is the highest of the two honors. The awards will typically be presented at Regis University commencement ceremonies and the University may invite the recipient to speak at its ceremonies.

Recommendations for these honors will come to the Provost from the Regis community: faculty, staff, alumni, students and Board of Trustees. The Provost will put forward recommendations to the President for approval of Civis Princeps Awards. In the instance of Honorary Doctorates, the Provost will put forward recommendations for approval by the President and the Board of Trustees.

Commencement Call for Recommendations Recommendation Date Decision Date
Spring (May) Sept. BOT Nov. off cycle meeting Jan. BOT



B. Scope

This policy is for anyone within the Regis community who is interested in nominating someone for one of these honors.  The policy also outlines the nomination and awarding process and should be followed by members of the community and specifically those named throughout the policy.  The policy also outlines the means by which these awards may be revoked. 

C. The Policy

  1. Criteria for Honorary Doctorates
Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Humane Letters, and Doctor of Science shall be awarded to individuals who:
    1. Have made a profound and enduring contribution to scholarship, culture, artistic achievements, service or improved quality of life in society at large.
    2. Have achieved national or international significance that deserves priority of consideration.
    3. Show a life of integrity that reflects the values of the Society of Jesus and Regis Univesity.
    4. Exhibit personal qualities that include high moral character.
    5. Are well known and whose presence and recognition will draw positive attention to the University.
  1. Criteria for Civis Princeps Awards
    1. Exhibit personal qualities that include high moral character and epitomize the values of the Society of Jesus and Regis University.
    2. Have performed significant acts of service with honesty, integrity and dignity without expectation of material reward or recognition.
  2. Implementation 
    1. Recommendations occur on an annual basis.
    2. The avenue of communication to the Regis community inviting recommendations will be at the discretion of the Provost.
    3. Each recipient will have a scholarship established in their name. This will be a one time scholarship with a possibility of establishing an endowed scholarship should the recipient or other donors follow the designated procedures for endowing a scholarship.
    4. If the recipient is from out of town, Regis University will offer to pay for flight, hotel, rental car, meals and any other appropriate expenses for the recipient and partner if appropriate.
    5. Prior to the Provost’s recommendation to the President, candidates will be vetted through the databases of the Office of University Advancement and the Office of Mission.
    6. The President will extend the formal offer to the recipient, which may include speaking at Commencement.
    7. The Office of the Provost will handle all arrangements, including plaque, communication with recipient, travel, hotel, BIO, regalia, and internal and external publicity through Regis University MarCom.
    8. In the event of a high-profile recipient, the Office of the Provost will work with Campus Safety in advance of the ceremonies and/or commencement events.
    9. If at any time the University becomes aware of documented evidence of an awardee’s behavior that is criminal, unethical, immoral or that is not in alignment with Jesuit Catholic values, the University has the right to rescind the honor. Concerns can be raised by any member of the Regis community and should be presented to the President. The President will present to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees evidence warranting the revocation.  Upon review, where the Executive Committee finds sufficient evidence to warrant revocation, it will recommend revocation to the full Board for a vote.  If revocation is approved, the awardee will be notified in writing by the Chair of the Board of the decision.

C. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms, and Other Resources (Optional)