Catholic Workers Tuition Discount Program

Policy Number: #200

Responsible Executive(s):

  • Vice President and Strategic Enrollment Management

Responsible Office(s):

  • Strategic Enrollment Management and University Missions

Date Revised: 02-20-2023

A. Purpose

It is the desire of Regis University as part of our mission to honor and support our Catholic colleagues in the furtherance of their education goals by offering a discount on tuition.

B. Scope

Any applicant that meets the outlines requirements.

C. The Policy

  1. To support the educational advancement of Catholic priests and nuns, Regis University offers a 55% tuition discount towards completing a Regis bachelor’s or master’s degree. The annual budget for this discount is determined through the Office of Mission via the University Budget Committee.
  2. To be eligible to participate:
    1. Students must be priests in good standing in the Archdiocese of Denver or the Diocese of Colorado Springs, or be religious sisters or brothers in Denver-area religious orders.
    2. Student may take individual courses, such as Spanish language courses, or enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program. Students are eligible for up to one full degree through the program.
    3. Students must meet all admission requirements and must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress as determined by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). 
  3. Students must receive approval from the Assistant Vice President for Mission before registering for the Regis course.
  4. Once approved, the AVP for Mission will notify the Office of Academic Records and Registration (ARR) of the student name, affiliation and academic program.
  5. ARR will notify the Office of Student Accounts (OSA), if applicable.
  6. Only the programs below are eligible for the Religious Workers Discount.
    1. All ACB Programs
    2. All CC&IS Programs
    3. All CCLS Programs
    4. Regis College
      • Post-Trad Education (Graduate & UG)
      • Traditional UG
    5. RHCHP
      • All Traditional UG Programs
      • Counseling
  7. Late fees, technology fees, other participation fees and books are not covered under the discount. Future participation is dependent on available funds and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress. Academic program restrictions or exclusions may apply, and may be updated annually.

D. Definitions

E. Related Policies, Procedures, Forms, and Other Resources

  1. Regis University Process: Once ARR has received the approval email from the AVP Mission:
  2. Input the "RWD- Religious Workers Discount" code in the SPRO (Student Profile) screen within the Colleague, including the effective start date (Reference Photo 1).
  3. Input the "TW- Tuition Waiver" code in the PERC (Person Restrictions) screen within Colleague, including the effective start and end dates (Reference Photo 2).
    1. If student is not enrolled, proccess is complete.
    2. If student is already enrolled, ARR notifies the Office of Student Accounts.
  4. Upon receipt of notification, the Office of Student Accounts runs the "BILL- Batch Reg/Room/Meal Billing" process to re-evaluate all tuition charges for the student and applicable course terms identified.
          1. Reference Photo 1religious-tuition-img1-600x50.png
          2. Reference Photo 2religious-tuition-img-2-600x30.png