Website redesigns are necessary to keep up with technological advances and to meet changing trends of users. Regis University aims to position itself competitively through its online image, search results and fluid user experience. The new website will help provide improved navigation while simultaneously showcasing the Regis community with the use of more visual components.

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Why do we need a new website?

  • We need a better mobile experience. This site will be designed for mobile viewing first and will be fully 100% responsive, which means users can see all our content whether they are on a phone, tablet or desktop. This is the industry standard for web sites now and will improve the site’s performance on web browsers, Google in particular.  
  • We will full comply with ADA standards. Our website should be a positive experience for all users.
  • We need a better content management system. Our current CMS is lacking many common features, so a new website and new content management system will help us meet industry standards.
  • We want our new site to load must faster and a new CMS combined with streamlined content and responsive design will help us reach that goal.
  • We want every user to find items with ease. Better navigation and a better search engine tool will make searching on regis.edu faster and more precise.

How does the new website help Regis showcase its unique positioning in higher ed?

A website needs to provide the university with excellent curb appeal. Our new improved look will give prospective students a better first impression of all that Regis has to offer and allow them to more easily find what they are looking for. We aim to provide a friendly, cohesive image of Regis to prospective students of all types.

What is the process for the redesign?

Over the last year and a half, we’ve met with stakeholders, consultants and the Regis community. After strategizing about design, content and our brand, we believe we’ve captured the Regis experience. Now, we’ll finish up development, migrate content, do testing and launch!

When is the new website going live?

Spring 2020.

Can I see a sneak peek of the new site?

A town hall will be scheduled for early 2020. We are excited to show you the fresh look of the site!

What is a site freeze and why do we need one?

A site freeze means the web team will not be editing our current regis.edu site for a set period of time; rather, the focus will be on content migration. A site freeze is necessary to ensure we are migrating the right content without duplication of pages and/or content. Please send your edits using regis.edu/marcom prior to the site freeze.

What happens to everything on the old site?

In order to protect the University's investment in the new website, all content will be thoroughly assessed against branding guidelines and messaging, keeping the most important content.

Will old links still work?

Most pages will redirect to the new location unless they were previously archived. You may have to reset your bookmarks. All shortened URLs should still function; if you notice one isn't working, please send that URL to webedits@regis.edu.

How can I suggest updates and edits to the new site once it is launched?

Please submit your request through regis.edu/marcom. Our web team will respond to your request within 4 business days. If the request meets our brand standards and website guidelines, we will work with you to update the site.

How will the new site be maintained and updated?

The new site will be maintained by the Web Team within our Marketing and Communications department. You can submit requests through regis.edu/marcom.

How do I post my event on the calendar?

The new calendar is designed to help our community know when things are happening that they can attend. Modeled after Loyola Chicago, the website calendar will no longer be linked to 25Live (the on-campus room reservation portal). In order to add events to the Regis calendar, users will submit the event details and it will populate on the calendar, visible to the public. The benefit to this system is that events not utilizing a room directly on campus can still be promoted to the Regis community and the general public.