A key part of the Master Plan is to obtain meaningful input from the campus and from the broader community such as neighborhood groups, community groups, businesses, government agencies and potentially interested parties. We will provide a range of opportunities to engage in exciting dialogue about the future as we develop the master plan. Opportunities will include town hall meetings, informal “pop ups” and intercepts, listening sessions and surveys. Upcoming events can be found on the calendar section below.


Brent Vogel, Director, Center for Career and Professional Development
David Law, Director, Student Activities and Leadership 
Catherine Kleier, Professor, Biology 
Erika Lourenco de Frietas, Associate Professor, Pharmacy 
Erika Hollis, Vice President and General Counsel 
Ken Phillips, Assistant to the Vice President for Mission 
Kevin Thomas, Principal Sinclair McLean 
Kim Frisch, Dean, Admissions 
Linda Osterlund, Dean, Rueckert-Hartman College of Health Professions 
Mark Basham, Associate Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience 
Michael Redmond, Associate Vice President, Physical Plant 
Perry Wisinger, Associate Professor, Business 
Sarah Behunek, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Engagement 
Sue Scherer, Director, Community Relations 
Susan Layton, Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services