Strategic Planning Framework

The Regis University Board of Trustees and Interim President Teets have initiated a Strategic Planning Framework to ensure the thriving of Regis University long into the future.

Interim President Teets has appointed Dr. Salvador Aceves, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Dr. Karen Riley, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, to oversee the process. As a result, this is a university-wide process with broad involvement. Cabinet leadership is serving in an oversight role and will help to invite and appoint a Strategic Planning Committee which will include individuals from across the university and will represent a variety of faculty and staff roles. Subcommittees will be created as priorities emerge.

While many things may change over the years, our commitment remains consistent.

The Framework

Effective planning results from linking vision, mission, and values with people, processes, and resources. The development of a strategic plan framework provides the institution with direction; allowing us to move in the same direction and at roughly the same speed. We are enthusiastic about creating a framework that will propel us forward, allowing us to coalesce around common goals and to advance our trajectory so that we are truly living our mission.

In the recent past, strategic planning at Regis has been driven primarily by and for the academic enterprise. However, in order to create a thriving organization, this strategic plan will be inclusive of all aspects of the university.

The Strategic Framework will take shape over three phases.


Phase I: What does the institution need to know?

Assessing the Landscape

The effectiveness of the planning process is dependent upon both the approach and the implementation. Effective strategic planning involves a thoughtful and deliberative method that includes a variety of steps designed to define:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • What our opportunities are based on our own profile, values and mission as well as the local and national landscape of higher education.

The talent, passion, and innovative ideas already present within Regis are essential. For several months in the spring of 2022, focus groups were held to listen to the voices of university stakeholders in identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) that face the university. In addition, anonymous surveys were distributed across the university (in both English and Spanish) to ensure everyone had the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas. This data is being used to create a comprehensive picture of Regis University and its relationship to and positionality in the broader local and national context.

Phase II: Drafting the Strategic Framework

Develop Planning Approach

The SWOT and survey data will be analyzed for themes and looked at alongside other forms of data (e.g. our recent Mission Priority Examen, national reports, and input from constituent groups such as community partners, alumni, and board members). This information will serve as the foundation for our Strategic Framework.

Generate Strategic Framework

The strategic framework will be developed by the strategic planning committee in conjunction with the University leadership. Sub-committees will be formed as necessary to address the themes revealed through the assessment of the landscape.

Phase III: Implementing the Framework

Create/Revise the Strategic Plan

When Regis University’s next President is installed, the framework will be translated into a complete and dynamic strategic plan. Specific strategies and approaches will be identified and refined. The timing of this phase will adapt to the appointment of the new President.

Implement/Assess/Revise Plan

Effective plans provide the path forward along with a means for evaluating and documenting the success of individual and collective efforts. Once created, the Strategic Plan will be implemented, assessed and revised continually.

"We appreciate the partnership and collaboration of all of Regis University’s stakeholders in this process as we envision Regis thriving long into the future."
- Regis University Leadership