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Higher Learning Partners

Regis University’s Higher Learning Partners is the only educational institution-run organization in the U.S. that provides academic support through consortium management and consulting services for colleges and universities.

Since 1986, Regis University has been helping like-minded higher education partners and corporations, nationally and globally, drive enrollment and revenue growth through quality curriculum and program development, and enhanced student services. Through its Higher Learning Partners (HLP) division, Regis has become known as a change agent for colleges, universities and corporations seeking to grow accelerated, online and professional training programs.

With 30 years of experience, HLP understands what it takes to help its corporate and institutional partners be successful, and is consistently aware of national trends, regarding changing workforce needs, emerging curriculum and academic programs. Sharing values of academic excellence and collaboration, our team is committed to promoting innovative strategies and best practices to assist our partners in meeting the changing needs of their students and employees.

Higher Learning Partners is also the solution for businesses seeking continuing education and professional trainings for their staff members. As the primary partner of businesses and organizations looking to invest in their employees, Higher Learning Partners delivers these services seamlessly, while offering customized solutions.


Taawun 3.0 is proprietary software developed by Regis University that can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of higher education consortia, and professional and continuing education consortia partnerships.

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Our Services

Consortium Management

A consortium offers institutions and companies an avenue to connect, share and expand their educational offerings for students and employees. For Professional and Continuing Education, a consortium provides companies an opportunity to increase their educational offerings for employees to optimize individual, team, and organizational performance. Our partners can offer a flexible approach to utilize existing training programs or develop a fully customized program to meet the individual needs of their company and employees.

Higher Learning Partners’ model enables member institutions to seamlessly share courses, credits, and tuition, while helping them expand their degree programs and access new enrollments and revenue with minimal upfront investment.

Work with an expert partner in higher education, consortium management, and professional and continuing education. As managers of the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU), our team offers more than 10 years of consortium management experience working with more than 80 higher education institutions and 25,000 enrollments.


Consulting Services

Higher Learning Partners of Regis University’s (HLP) client base includes more than 100 colleges and corporations seeking to implement their own accelerated online and training programs. Regis University has been ranked a Top University in the West by U.S. News & World Report and continues to enjoy a national reputation as a leader in online academic excellence.

The HLP executive team has garnered more than 100 years of combined experience in customized professional training, adult accelerated programs, instructional design, student services, consortium management and soft skills training. Whether you are trying to optimize your employee competencies or design more efficient programs for students, we can customize services to meet your strategic goals.

Our consulting services cover the areas of Strategic Assessment and Planning; Program Development; Corporate and Faculty Training; Online Course Development, Strategic IT Planning and Strategic Financial Planning.


Professional and Continuing Education

Does your company have a strategic professional and continuing education plan to help retain your most valuable employees? Does your company offer training dollars for professional and continuing education certificates, professional development, on-site training, and e-learning?

Higher Learning Partners of Regis University has more than three decades of experience in corporate partnerships, professional and continuing education, and on-demand training. We offer a wide variety of services to address today’s most in-demand professional and continuing education training needs aimed at maximizing companies’ corporate educational dollars for employee retention and development.

Our diverse partnerships offers flexibility, affordability, and convenience for organizations that want to provide employees seamless options for professional growth. We are your one-stop-shop for professional and continuing education including: Product Training, Corporate Onboarding, Soft Skills Development, Executive Leadership, Technology Management, On-Site Training and e-Training.

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Higher Learning Partners

Main Hall Room 117

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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