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Creative Writing

You want to tell stories. You want to write poems. But you can't find the time. Now is the time.

Apply to Regis' Mile High MFA, a low-residency program that lets you stay at your job and close to your family, but pushes you to make time for writing. You'll leave the program with a manuscript ready to submit to publishers, along with an action plan for putting your writing into practice in the world.

Hone your craft over intensive one-on-one semesters with experienced, published faculty. Twice a year, come to campus to experience an intimate, nine-day residency with other students, published authors and agents. Join us in the only creative writing MFA in central Colorado, where workshops, craft lessons, author readings and career guidance will push you to reach for the top. 

In addition to the expert guidance you’ll receive as you progress from rough drafts to final manuscript, you will graduate the program fully prepared to embark on a writing career, bolstered and invigorated by the support of your writing community.

Over the course of two years, you will work closely with three to four mentors in your specialized genre. You’ll start with an idea and graduate with a full manuscript of work (a book-length feature in fiction or nonfiction, or a compilation of work in poetry) and the knowledge you need to start your journey to publishing.

As a part your first two semesters with your mentor, you’ll create a reading list of four to eight books to critically study published works, and write a critical essay in your third semester. This will help you identify trends, witness structure that works (or doesn’t) and find your unique voice among the literary landscape. In your fourth semester, you’ll propose a way your writing will benefit your community in our Writing in the World Action Plan assignment.

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Eric Baus, PhD
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Andrea Rexilius, PhD
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Degrees and Programs

  • MFA Residency
  • Optional Second Semester Specialty
    • Editing
    • Fine Art
    • Scriptwriting
    • Children's Literature
    • Publishing Internship
    • Teaching Mentorship
faculty spotlight Alan Brooks

Faculty Spotlight: R Alan Brooks

  1. Tell us about your newest books: The 2nd volume in my graphic novel series, The Burning Metronome, is being drawn right now! It's a supernatural mystery. Also my weekly comic, What'd I Miss?, continues for free at The Colorado Sun
  2. What writing advice would you give to beginning writers: Finish! You can always write more books, but you won't ever get better without finishing the first one.
  3. What are you working on now: I'm writing and drawing a new graphic novel called Anguish Garden, which is a commentary on immigration reform, set in the future, after humanity won a war against alien invaders.