March 07, 2016

Want to be better at being you? Get lost.

Uproot, unplug, and abandon everything. Live like a hermit. But just for three days.

Cognitive psychologist David Strayer believes that getting outside could be the answer to most of life’s problems. He recently reported that being outside for just three days is “a kind of cleaning of the mental windshield that occurs when we’ve been immersed in nature long enough.”

Regardless of whether you’re packing up to bag a few peaks next month or just pitching out in the park, when our brains connect with nature, our brains reconnect with ourselves.

“If you can have the experience of being in the moment for two or three days,” says Strayer, “it seems to produce a difference in qualitative thinking.” In other words, if your brain needs a tune up, tune in to the outside for awhile.

There’s a flurry of new studies suggesting what most of us already know: extended experiences in nature can make us healthier, happier, more creative, and more productive. With the world becoming increasingly smaller, (thanks to our technological developments), there’s an overlying stress that comes with being constantly connected. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to stop learning for a while.

But what if you don’t have time for a multi-day excursion? A walk in the park on a regular basis could have the same restorative effects on your brain box.

At Regis University, when we talk about educating the whole person, it means every experience we have has an impact on who we are and what we do. Which is why our programs go beyond book learning and our students have experiences outside of the classroom: to understand every aspect of an issue and the impact it has on the world and the Self.

Ready for a different sort of brain rejuvenation? Come join us in the Rocky Mountain air. Or, earn an online degree as you traipse through the wilderness. Talk to an admissions counselor today. Or, simply start your application and give your brain, and your career, a healthy boost.