University Policy for Purchasing Furniture or Appliances

In an effort to be more fiscally conservative and sustainable, effective May 1, 2014, Auxiliary Services will manage the inventory of University furnishings.

When evaluating furniture and appliance requests, you will be required to review surplus and current inventory for items that will meet your needs. The University will maintain a small inventory of surplus furniture for office use (file cabinets, desks, bookcases, etc.).

If surplus inventory does not meet your needs, you will be able to purchase furniture or appliances from an approved vendor list.

Fiscal Policy Amendment

Chapter 6, Purchases of Goods and Services, Section 6.01.02 of the Regis University Fiscal Policy Manual has been amended. The only change in the policy is the addition of bullet 3 under Section 6.02. The amended policy is provided below for your review.

6.01 General Considerations

Every budget manager should be familiar with the purchasing procedures and ensure that only reasonable and necessary expenses are incurred in fulfillment of the Regis University mission. Additionally, budget managers must guard against actions that cause private inurement or individual benefit from any purchase recommended on behalf of the University. Finally, budget managers are limited in their authority to spend by the amount of expenditure budget allocated to each manager's department.

6.02 Centralized purchasing is required for the following:

  • All computer and audiovisual equipment must be purchased through Information Technology Services (ITS). This equipment will be maintained and serviced by ITS. All purchases and requests for services must be directed to the ITS Help Center at 303.458.4050.
  • All copy and print equipment, including supplies (paper and toner) must be purchased through the Copy and Print Center of Financial Affairs. Print/Copy equipment will be maintained and serviced by the Copy and Print Center. Copy and print equipment includes copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. The purchase of equipment and supplies and requests to service, relocate or modify printing or copying equipment, must be directed to the Copy and Print Center via requests to the ITS Help Center at 303.458.4050.
  • All furniture and appliance purchases must be selected through the approved vendors. Final purchase proposals must be presented to Physical Plant (Lowell Campus) and Auxiliary and Business Services (Extension Campuses) to ensure compliance with ADA and fire code regulations. Proposals to replace furniture must be sent to Auxiliary and Business Services for inventory control purposes and furniture repairs will be coordinated by Auxiliary and Business Services.
  • All purchases described above must follow the stated approval processes. Any other purchases in excess of $10,000 must be approved by the University Budget Committee. Requests for these approvals must be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer.

General Provisions Regarding Furnishings

  • Office furniture is assigned to an office space not an employee. If an employee is moving offices and Human Resources has approved specialized furniture to accommodate the employee’s disability or the employee’s position requires specialized furniture an exception will be made. The relocating employee or supervisor must submit a Disposal/Move Form. Floor plans/layouts and a walk-thru by a Physical Plant (Lowell Campus) or Auxiliary and Business Services (Extension Campuses) will be required to insure the space’s infrastructure can support the requested relocation.
  • Schools and departments must visit the surplus site first when needing furnishings. If nothing is found on the surplus site to meet the needs, a Furniture Request Form must be completed and sent to ABS. The school/department will receive an email confirmation to move forward in working with one of the approved vendors to purchase new furnishings.
  • Schools and departments must work with Physical Plant (Lowell) or ABS (Extension Campuses) so that ADA and Fire Code regulations are met prior to moving forward with a furnishings/appliance purchase.
  • Schools and departments will utilize the approved vendors for purchases unless there is a need for a specialized vendor (i.e. Chemistry lab stations) to ensure that the University receives the best possible pricing. Pricing for standard office/break room furniture/appliance options can be found at (URL).
  • Furniture/appliances required for the expansion or renovation of facilities within a school or department will be funded from the school or department’s operating budget or special request by the department to the University Budget Committee. The departments must send a copy of the invoice including the budget number to ABS for inventory and life cycle management.
  • Furniture/appliance requirements identified in conjunction with major capital projects will be specified by the project’s furnishing design engineers and purchased via capital project funding once approved by the Physical Plant.
  • ABS will be responsible for the management of inventory control and life cycle requirements.
  • Specification of furniture/appliance design, color and technical performance should recognize the general University’s interest of flexibility for reuse; both for the department and the University as a whole. Furniture/appliance not conforming to University standards requires approval of the appropriate Dean or Vice President of that Division.
  • University property which is no longer of use to a department should be reported to ABS using the Asset Disposal/Move Form so that Auxiliary and Business Services may assist in the evaluation and potential disposal of the furniture/appliance. A department may not unilaterally dispose of any tagged University property.
  • Donated furnishings must be approved for use by ABS in cooperation with Physical Plant.

Selection of Furniture Vendors

The selection of furniture/appliance vendors will go through a bid process every three years, collaboratively conducted by the Furnishings Committee consisting of a representative from Physical Plant, Auxiliary Services, Student Life and IT. The bid process will include pricing for standardized office/break room furniture/appliance, classroom, conference and residence hall furnishings/appliances. If specialized furniture/appliances are required for a school, program or meeting space, representatives from those areas will be invited to participate in the bid selection proposal for that specialized furniture vendor.