Auxiliary and Business Services is responsible for the scheduling of academic courses into general academic classrooms for all campus locations.  Our goal is to schedule classrooms to match instructional and academic needs, provide proper student seating, and have efficient space utilization.  We also manage the online scheduling system, where the Regis community can request meeting space and post events to the university event calendar.

In order to maximize the use of classroom spaces, schools are to follow the scheduling policy and meet course management due dates.  Course management due dates are created by the Office of Academic Records and Registration.  Academic departments are responsible for submitting course schedules by the determined due dates.  Departments may contact Academic Records and Registration for a list of due dates.

We make every effort to ensure classrooms are assigned fairly and meet academic and instructional needs. Assignment of academic courses into classrooms is based on curriculum requirements, student enrollment, adherence to the scheduling policy and layout preference. Faculty members should not expect to use the same space on a continuing basis.

Classroom schedules may be viewed approximately one month prior to each semester via WebAdvisor.  Once academic courses are assigned, general academic classrooms are released for other meeting and events.  General academic classroom are primarily for use by students, faculty and staff.

Final exams are scheduled into classrooms four weeks after each term start.  If there is a conflict with any final exam times appropriate accommodations will be made. 

As a courtesy to others, be sure that all furniture remains in the room and is placed according to the furniture diagram posted in the classroom.  Erase the whiteboards and ensure surface is clean and free of debris for the next facilitator. Be sure to leave the classroom in a timely manner to allow the next member to start class on time. 

The university identifies holidays each year.  Regis University will close for business (except for essential services) on days included in the holiday schedule.

The online scheduling system is open to faculty, staff, and student groups. It is can be used to check space availability for meeting and events, assist in the event planning process and to request use of space for all locations.  It can also be used to sell tickets to events and as an RSVP tool for meetings and other events.  The online scheduling system works best using Fire Fox or Google Chrome.

To access the online scheduling system contact Auxiliary and Business Services at or 303-964-5194.  If you are already a user but need a refresher, you may view our video tutorial on the Regis Media Space located here. Other documentation, quick tips, and tricks can be found here

For external group inquires at the Northwest Denver campus contact Event Services at or 303-964-5138.  For extension campus locations contact Auxiliary & Business Services at or 303-964-5194.

The university event calendar provides a central listing of events at all locations. Posting events to the event calendar will allow visitors to our website see great activities we have on campus and help direct them to the correct location. 

You must be a member of the Regis University community (student, faculty, or staff) to submit an event to the calendar.  

Events are posted to the calendar site upon review and approval, except for on university holidays. Processing takes one to two businesses days. If an event does not appear to meet the calendar requirements, it will be returned to the submitter for editing. 

Events may be open to the public or a large segment of the Regis community. Since the public can view the calendar, all submissions should specify who can attend the event.

The University Calendar has been designed to share information about events and happenings at all of our locations.  All events or meeting may not be posted and may have incomplete information.  If you notice an error please contact Auxiliary & Business Services at

Who do I contact if there is a broken chair or table in a classroom?

Broken furniture in any classrooms should be reported to Auxiliary & Business Services at or by calling 303-458-4391

Who do I contact if the classroom is too hot or too cold?

For the Northwest Denver campus contact Physical Plant at
For extension campus locations contact Auxiliary & Business Services at or you may contact the campus associate that is on site.

Is it possible to change the classroom my course was assigned to?

To request a room change you may e-mail Auxiliary & Business Services or your departments Administrative Coordinator.

During what hours are classrooms unlocked?

General academic classrooms at the Northwest Denver campus are unlocked from 8:00am – 10:00pm Monday thru Friday.  Classrooms at the extension campus locations will be unlocked based off the day’s schedule.

What types of events should go on the event calendar?

  • Public Events
  • Events highlighting student activities and events on campus

How do I access the online scheduling system?

If you are accessing the online scheduling system for the first time, you will need to notify Auxiliary & Business Services at or to obtain credentials.

What Web browser should I use when using online scheduling system?

Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers when using online scheduling system.

How do I leave feedback about online scheduling system?

You can click on the feedback icon at the bottom of the online scheduling system welcome page.

How do I change/reset my password?

Please contact Auxiliary & Business Services at or with a password reset request. Your password will be reset to match your username. NEW (how do I make last-minute or urgent requests? o For last-minute and/or urgent meeting or space requests, please contact Event Services at 303-458-4143. Requests regarding academic courses should be directed to Auxiliary & Business Services at or

How do I make last-minute or urgent requests?

For last-minute and/or urgent meeting or space requests, please contact Event Services at 303-458-4143. Requests regarding academic courses should be directed to Auxiliary & Business Services at or

How do I view my requests or scheduled events?

Once you’ve logged into online scheduling system, navigate to the Events tab, then Pre-Defined Event Searches. Your events will be listed in the "Events You Have Requested" and "Events You Are Scheduling" searches within Pre-Defined Groups.

Is online scheduling system optimized for mobile devices?

Tablet and mobile devices are compatible with online scheduling system but you may notice some aspect issues, but it does not hinder functionality.

How far in advance can I make space requests?

Academic spaces are available on a semester-to-semester basis. Once academic schedules are completed for a given semester, academic spaces will open up for general use. For event/conference spaces, they are available on an annual basis. For example, beginning January 1, 2015 event and conferences spaces are available for request until December 31, 2016.

How can I update my contact information?

While logged in to online scheduling system, navigate to the Preferences menu and select Edit Your Contact Information.

What does it mean if I see a space with a gray ‘X’ next to a space?

This means you do not have access to request the space. If you are in need of one of these specialized spaces, please contact the one of the following:

Northwest Denver Campus: Event Services at 303-458-4143

Extension Campuses : Aux Bus Services 303-458-4126