Regis University is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment. Therefore, the possession and use of weapons, firearms, explosives, fireworks, or other objects designed and/or used to inflict injury or damage (collectively “Weapon”) is prohibited on University premises, property otherwise leased or controlled by the University including, but not limited to: offices, classrooms or residence halls, or at University sponsored activities without the express permission of the University. It is a violation of University policy to possess any weapon on University premises or at University sponsored activities, even if the bearer possesses a valid concealed weapons permit. However, certified law enforcement personnel may carry their department issued handgun on campus if required by their responsibilities as a law enforcement officer.

This policy includes, but is not limited to, items that simulate weapons. The possession of non-lethal self-defense instruments (for example, pepper spray) is permitted; however, the reckless use of such devices may be considered a violation of this policy.

Any plausible statement or evidence that a community member possesses a weapon may be responded to as an actual threat, whether or not evidence of a weapon exists.

References: Regis University Student Handbook, HR Employee Manual, Sec: 2.8.2