Charge to Community Council

October 23, 2017

The mission of Regis University is to educate students to make social change, with a special focus on solidarity and the common good. As such, we yearn for a deeper relationship with our community to create a better future together. 

We envision a relationship between the university and a community council that is equitable, mutually respectful, sustainable and responsive to community needs. The council represents a collection of community experts that draws on collective and diverse experiences to discover and strengthen current and future community-based projects that are of mutual benefit to the university and community.

Our mutual goal is to create and improve opportunities for all people to realize their full potential, addressing injustices as we work together for a common good. 

The council will:

1. Recognize the dignity of every person
2. Portray the needs of the community fairly and accurately
3. Identify areas of mutual interest between the community and university
4. Create common goals and outcomes for selected projects/programs
5. Identify and connect community assets to promote health, equity, and justice
6. Develop capacity to lead the group

Council Leadership

The Department of Community Relations, Office of Marketing and Communications oversees the administrative needs of the Regis Community Council. 

Leadership of the council is by community members in the roles of Co-chairs. Currently, the co-chairs are:

Jenna Farley

A committed, passionate leader with more than 20 years of experience, Jenna is inspired to advocate, educate, and build community wherever she goes. At Regis University, she serves as a community liaison, which is a perfect combination of her skills.

In Jenna’s past lives she crunched data for a midwifery program in Oaxaca, Mexico; launched a successful nonprofit that took soccer and poetry into Denver Public Schools; served women and children in a homeless shelter; and built 16 new playgrounds with communities across the country for kids who needed places to be kids. She has traveled the globe both with purpose (community work in places like Calcutta, India, and Xela, Guatemala) and wanderlust (she met her husband while working in Antarctica). Originally a math major (the beauty of algebra cannot be denied!) she earned her BA in sociology from Seattle University and her MA in sustainable development from the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. She is a proud 5th generation resident of North Denver where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

Lindsey Rosendahl

Lindsey Rosendahl is an engaged citizen in her neighborhoods. She was instrumental in founding the Chaffee Park Registered Neighborhood organization and was excited to join the inaugural Regis Community Council as she currently lives with her husband and two young boys in the Regis Neighborhood.  Lindsey, who is bilingual, and a teacher by trade, spends most of her time substitute teaching and volunteering at Escuela Valdez, a local elementary school. Lindsey's co-chairs the council, and leads the action team focused on safety, walk-ability and bike-ability of Federal Boulevard and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Council Members