Enhancing Wellness Where We Live, Work and Learn

Cultivate Health, a unique partnership with adjacent neighborhood residents and nonprofit partners promoted health where we live, work, and learn. The areas served included the communities adjacent to the university in Northwest Denver and Southwest Adams Counties. Strategies used to promote health: building infrastructure for physical activity and food access, developing fitness programs, enhancing student community based learning and building a collaborative community.

This partnership was a strategic initiative of the university for four years spanning 2014-2018. The Colorado Health Foundation granted Regis University a fund of $900,000 for the initiative. The Associate Dean of the Rueckert-Hartman for Health Professions, with participation from many departments across the university and more than 15 community partnerships, led Cultivate Health. Over the course of the project, 740 Regis University students in 60 classes participated in Cultivate Health Activities.

The project leaves a lasting impact on the community. Physical activity infrastructure in public spaces is open to all and community members and residents are leading physical activity groups. Sister Gardens at Aria will continue to produce fresh food for local use. As a result of this project, Regis University launched the minor in Community Food Systems

Building a collaborative community was a key long term strategy. The project was instrumental in facilitating the formal organization of the Chaffee Park Registered Neighborhood Organization. Most significantly, the Regis Community Council was formed to develop long-term, reciprocal relationships with community.

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