Enhancing Wellness Where We Live, Work and Learn

Cultivate Health is a unique partnership with adjacent neighborhood residents and nonprofit partners to promote health in the environments in which we live, work and learn. We strive to support the health and wellness of more than 14,500 residents living in the multi-generational, mixed-income community adjacent to Regis by creating infrastructure, programming and increasing access to healthy food. 

In 2014 Regis University was awarded a major grant by the Colorado Health Foundation to further fuel an effort aimed at promoting health and improving community connections in Northwest Denver, an area undergoing transformation driven by by the leadership of area residents. The nearly $1 million grant is supporting Cultivate Health in its efforts to collectively impact health by building places, social connectivity, physical activities, improved food access and health care to promote health for all in the neighborhoods.

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Cultivate Health Community Plan

Cultivate Health Project Overview