Physical therapist services include:

Regis Neighborhood Health physical therapists offers a wide variety of skilled services to help patients return to a healthy lifestyle and prevent further disability. Your initial examination may include physical therapy examination, gait and running analysis, manual physical therapy techniques, and full spectrum of exercise equipment with individualized instruction, dry needling, and electrical modalities, fabrication of orthotics, and health coaching and patient education. Other services offered:

  • Spinal or other joints manual therapy, mobilization or manipulation.
  • Personal, specific and individualized therapeutic exercise programs to improve strength, ROM or functional ability.
  • Braces, splints or supports for joints following injury or other conditions such as arthritis.
  • Custom fabricated orthotics (shoe inserts) for foot pain or other foot or ankle conditions.

Our Physical Therapy Team

Ira Gorman PT, PhD, MSPH

Dr. Gorman is currently an Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in the School of Physical Therapy at Regis University. Prior to Regis he practiced at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital and then owned and practiced in an outpatient private physical therapist practice. He received his physical therapy degree from SUNY Stony Brook and later his Ph.D. in Health and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Colorado-Denver with a research interest in the effect of the built environment on childhood physical activity and obesity. He also holds a Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Colorado Health Science Center, Department of Preventive Medicine. Presently Dr. Gorman is a member of the Colorado Commission for Affordable Health Care, a three-year governor’s appointed legislative mandated commission charged to study the cost drivers of healthcare in Colorado and make recommendations to the legislature. Ira is excited to be a part of RNH and was instrumental in the writing of the initial grant to fund the project. Providing care in a community based setting fits with his past experiences as a clinic director, and community worker and is a perfect setting to integrate his clinical world with his public health background and knowledge. He is a physical therapist that provides patient centered, evidence based, and comprehensive physical therapist services to individuals that have suffered injuries or illness that has left them with pain or inability to perform daily functional activities.

Alice M. Davis, PT, DPT

Dr. Davis has 22 years of clinical experience and nine years of academic teaching at Regis University. She holds a Master’s and Clinical Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. Alice is an Associate Professor and teaches kinesiology of the spine, leadership and coordinates clinical education experiences. With an extensive background in leadership in action for the profession of Physical Therapy, Alice contributed to the development of the leadership curriculum for Regis DPT students. Alice’s clinical research focuses on low back pain and muscle activation patterns. Traveling to Ethiopia with DPT students as part of organized global health immersions is an opportunity that she frequently enjoys. Alice has earned certifications in dry needling, health coaching and Pilate’s rehabilitation. A fun fact about Alice is her best day is one that begins with exercise. Alice is an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in the management of musculoskeletal conditions by utilizing current best evidence, manual therapy techniques, individualized exercise programs and goal-setting to help her patient’s reduce their pain, restore mobility, regain strength and return to a healthy lifestyle.