Sally Cordrey has been part of the Regis family for more than 10 years. Cordrey became a part of the Regis University staff in 2001, and went on to pursue her Master of Arts in adult learning and multimedia, graduating in 2006. Now as training developer and guide, Cordrey is using her expertise to educate our community’s understanding and use of technology through Regis University’s new Technology Training Center which will offer quick, hands-on learning workshops as well as online opportunities through Regis Learns, for students, faculty and staff.

Regis Today sat down with her to talk about her background, her new role and her excitement for the new Technology Training Center, which will host an open house Wednesday afternoon (see details below).

Can you tell us more about your new role?

The training developer and guide wears many hats, and is the resident subject matter expert responsible for creation and delivery of training programs including workshops in applications such as Microsoft Office Suite and Outlook, increasing the Regis University community’s understanding and use of technology.

What excites you most about the new Technology Training Center?

We have the opportunity to build a new training program to reach the Regis community, aiming to meet the training needs of busy students, as well as our faculty and staff. Our goal is to reach and educate users of all skill levels and to remove the fear of learning new technology.

What makes Regis University stand out from the rest?

The Jesuits promote a high quality education as the best path to meaningful lives of leadership and service. Regis University is a true example of promoting the Jesuit education that is adaptable to many diverse learners, whether they are traditional age, adult, full-time, part-time, on-campus or online.

What’s one interesting thing about you the Regis community may not know?

My favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day – so beware! Lucky for my coworkers it falls on a Saturday this year, not so lucky for my husband and kids who suffer the most from my once-a-year pranks!