Assisting new students with cultural adjustment at Regis

Feeling nervous about attending your first semester of college in the U.S.?  Perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with what to expect at Regis University during your first semester? 

Do you want to be involved with international student leadership at Regis University?  Want to make a difference in a new international student’s experience at Regis University? 

Your participation in the International Peer Mentorship program may be exactly what you need! 

The International Peer Mentorship program aims to assist new international students with cultural adjustment in the US and to help new students become familiar with Regis University campus life.  Our experienced international student mentors want to help new students be successful and make the most of their first semester at Regis University.  All participates are expected to be open-minded to all cultures and the willingness to commit one semester to the peer mentor program. 

Requirements and responsibilities of Mentors:

  • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student at Regis University for at least two semesters
  • Must have a satisfactory GPA (3.000 minimum)
  • Must be able to attend new student orientation the week before the semester starts
  • Must commit to making contact with his/her mentee at least twice per month (8 times during the semester) after the initial meeting in January.  Forms of contact include meeting face-to-face, phone, email, or video chat (Skype).
  • Must be professional, respectful, and honest with his/her mentee as well as provide guidance of the Jesuit values
  • Must follow University Standards of Conduct as defined in the RU handbook
  • Must complete a program evaluation at the end of the semester
  • Must contact the peer mentorship lead if any difficulties or issues arise during the semester

Requirements and responsibilities of Mentees:

  • Must be a new undergraduate or graduate student at Regis University for the upcoming semester
  • Must be approachable, cooperative, and trustworthy
  • Must be open to learning about new cultures and willing to seek advice
  • Must respect confidentiality and boundaries when sharing personal information
  • Must complete an evaluation at the end of the semester
  • Must attend new student orientation at Regis University

How it works:

Those students who are interested in being a mentor will apply and be selected prior to the beginning of the upcoming semester.  After applications are received from mentees, mentors will be matched with a mentee.  If there are more mentees than mentors, then a mentor may be assigned to more than one mentee.  The peer mentorship lead will contact the mentors and mentees about their assigned pairs.  The mentor must initiate the first communication to the mentee by email or phone prior to new student orientation. 

The benefits of a peer mentorship program:

As a mentor, you benefit your mentee(s) by being a source of information in both U.S. culture and Regis University campus life.  You are also expanding your knowledge of diversity and culture.  Your role as a mentor is important to globalizing the campus and the success of the Office of Global Education at Regis University, as well as being a valuable resource for a new international student.

As a mentee, you will gain firsthand experience of U.S. culture and Regis University campus life from an experienced international student.  Your mentor was once the new student that you are now and understands the culture shock and feelings of being overwhelmed during your first semester of college at RU and in the U.S.  As a mentee, your mentor will be easy to communicate with and have the answers to the numerous questions that you may have during your first semester at Regis University.  The International Peer Mentorship program will greatly enhance your first semester at Regis University.

How to apply:

To apply as a mentor for the Spring 2018 semester, please click here.  Your application must be received no later than December 6, 2017.  It will be reviewed by the Office of Global Education, and you will be contacted no later than December 8, 2017 with further instructions on your mentorship role.  Mentees are eligible to apply after receiving their I-20 from RU and must apply no later than January 5, 2018.  Mentees may apply be clicking here.


Contact the International Peer Mentorship lead.