Empowering Students

The Regis University Student Government Association for the 2018-2019 school year.

Regis University Student Government Association (RUSGA) is the student led organization that encompasses all undergraduate students in Regis College and the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions. RUSGA aims to provide programming and activities for student with the goal of improving the Regis experience for every member of our community. Compromised of every member of the undergraduate student body, and financed by student fees, the association includes all clubs and organizations on campus, appointed directors and their committees, and class representatives elected by Regis College students. RUSGA was created in the spirit of empowering students to take the lead in creating programming and organizations that are of the most interest to them. The leadership of RUSGA, headed by the three elected officers, seeks constant student input to ensure that campus life at Regis is safe and that every student adapts and succeeds academically, spiritually, and socially during their time at Regis University.

All traditional undergraduate students at Regis are members of RUSGA. We work together to make the best of our college experience.

We, the Regis University Student Government Association (RUSGA), informed by our commitment to be men and women in the service of others, strive to uphold the principles of knowledge, ingenuity and devotion. We aspire to be engaged leaders who are knowledgeable about what is happening on campus in order to better serve the student body; promote effective communication between students and university administrators; encourage inclusive community on campus through innovative programming; and act humbly, respectfully and with purpose to accomplish goals that benefit Regis students.

The RUSGA Executive Cabinet is one of three arms of undergraduate student governance at Regis University.

Led by five popularly elected officials- Student Body President and four Vice Presidents that manage a budget of half a million dollars, the Executive Cabinet is responsible for student initiatives, programming traditions, and activities that build a strong sense of community with the student body. Representing the student voice to the Board of Trustees and through monthly meetings with President Fr. Fitzgibbons, faculty and the Dean of Students, RUSGA is a strong advocate for Regis students. 

Current cabinet positions include: Director of Programming, Director of Social Justice, Director of Community Involvement, Director of Student Involvement, Director of Multicultural Affairs, Director of Sustainability, Director of Health Awareness, and Director of Campus Relations. 

Current RUSGA Initiatives and Campus Improvement Projects include:

We Car Program
RTD Bus Pass Program
Trust the Tap Program
Walkers Pub
Ranger Rides Bike Program
Pool Pass Program
Climbing Wall

Current RUSGA Traditions include:

Ranger Week
Ranger Day
Snow Week
Mr. Regis
Ice Queen
Earth Week
Justice Week
Free Friday Movies

The Student Senate is RUSGA’s legislative branch.  Tasked with understanding the pulse of the student body, Student Senate provides students with a venue to influence campus-wide decisions that impact the student body, raise and discuss general student issues and concerns, and develop creative solutions to meet the needs of the Regis University Community.  Comprised of popularly elected Class Senators and representatives from each University recognized student club or organization, the Senate also works diligently to foster strong relationships between students, faculty and administration.