Stay Healthy at Regis

Regis University's Student Health Services is here to take care of the diverse medical needs of the student community. In keeping with the Jesuit tradition, we believe that the mind, the body and the spirit are interconnected. We practice traditional medicine but emphasize the whole person in our medical approach.

Primary Care

Our team of providers is experienced in treating common medical problems seen on college campuses. We offer initial diagnosis and treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries and appropriate follow-up care. We encourage you to see us first, so that we can help you get the attention and advice you require.

Specialty Care

We can refer you to a variety of medical specialists and connect you with services provided by a network of local experts.


We provide preventive immunization services including: Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR), Influenza (flu), Hepatitis B, Tetanus (Td), Tdap (pertussis), HPV and Meningococcal vaccinations.

Laboratory Testing

In-house laboratory services are available for a fee at the health center and are payable at the time of service. Some examples include rapid strep testing, urinalysis and blood glucose screening. More complex testing will be sent out to an external lab.

Women's Health

Gynecological care services are available. Services include the assessment and treatment of infectious diseases, pelvic examinations, and routine care.

Men's Health

We counsel, diagnose, and support the specific needs of men by providing information, education, symptom screening and preventive care.

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