- Student Services welcomes you to the Spring semester! We want to take this opportunity to provide you with the link to the academic calendar for this term and upcoming terms. The academic calendar lists registration, add/drop and withdrawal dates, and much more. You can view the calendar by clicking here. Please especially note the last day to add or drop classes for your particular terms, as you are responsible for dropping your own classes. We recommend keeping a copy of the Academic Calendar handy for all of the important dates of the term.

You will not be automatically dropped if you miss the first night of a classroom course or do not participate in your online course during the first week. You are responsible for dropping yourself from courses by the add/drop date. After that date, you will have to withdraw from the class and will be responsible for a portion (if not all) of the tuition, based on the date you submit the Course Withdrawal Request form. Please visit www.regis.edu/withdrawal for more information on the withdrawal schedule for each term.

-If you have not already purchased your books, they are now available and can be purchased online at www.regis.edu/bookstore. This information is also available on WebAdvisor by using the "Buy Books" feature. To do this, log in to WebAdvisor and access the "Students" menu, click on "My Class Schedule" and choose the appropriate term. The "Buy Books" link will take you to the bookstore website that lists all course materials. 

-Please note that the bookstore entrance has moved during construction. It is now on the South side of the building in lot 3. Follow the signs for more info.