Let us help lead you on a path to health and vitality

Mission: The Regis University Wellness Program inspires and empowers, through collaborative efforts across Regis, the enhancement of overall health and well-being.

Goal: Our goal is to increase faculty and staff awareness to the offerings available on campus. We want to help enhance your overall quality of life and health. Let us help lead you on a path to health and vitality.

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Spring 2019 Wellness Program

Program Steps

Spring 2019 Program

February 1st - 28th: Go Move Challenge 

Join us again this year for Go Move Challenge. A competition between Jesuit schools in the United States to see who can get the most amount of movement in the month of February. Movement is recorded in minutes and any movement counts. Help us make Regis number 1! Start tracking your movement and register yourself at www.gomovechallenge.org

Heart Health Month 
February is Heart Health Month and Regis is doing their part to keep all our hearts healthy. There will be many activities offered throughout the month so keep an eye out for communications on what is going on.

Don't forget to wear RED on February 1st!

February 1st - 22nd: Dry Tri 
Join Wellness and Recreation for a 3 week Dry Triathlon.
Over the 3 weeks you will be challenged to run 30 miles, bike 90 miles and row 15,000 meters.
To sign up email fitness@regis.edu

Lunch and Learn: Making Healthy Habits Stick
February 8th: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Location: Clarke 207
Have you made attempts in the past to make healthy changes only to find that you find yourself right back into the unhealthy pattern? Or is there a healthy habit that you want to adopt but just don’t know where to begin. Let us explain the science behind changing habits and give you tips for success! Handouts for planning your healthy habit changes will be shared with participants.

Stop the Bleed Workshops
February 13th: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Claver 410
March 27th: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Claver 210
May 2nd: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Claver 210

The purpose for this workshop is to provide you with the skill of stopping massive bleeding. 
Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and call-to-action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.To sign up email Roxane England at rengland@regis.edu


February 18th: 2:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. in Newland Prayer Room
March 11th: 2:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. in Newland Prayer Room
April 22nd (Earth Day QiGong): 2:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. at Boettcher Commons 

Would you like to try QiGong for relaxation? Nicole will lead a few brief QiGong exercises on campus. No need to change your clothes or wear anything special. Come as you are. 
“Qigong combines meditative and physically active elements, is the basic exercise system within Chinese medicine. Qigong exercises are designed to help you preserve your Jing, strengthen and balance the flow of Qi energy, and enlighten your Shen. Its dynamic exercises and meditations have Yin and Yang aspects:
The Yin is being it; the Yang is doing it. Yin qigong exercises are expressed through relaxed stretching, visualization, and breathing.”
Questions? Contact Nicole Marcisz at nmarcisz@regis.edu

Virtual Stress Relief - Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. 

Opt in to receive the Outlook invites and emails by emailing Nicole Marcisz at nmarcisz@regis.edu

MetLife Financial Talks - Coming in March
More details coming soon!Questions? Contact Human Resources

March 18th - April 12th: Spring Into Fitness

Join Wellness and Recreation and the Group Fitness Program for 4 weeks of group fitness fun.
Try to attend all of our different offerings for a chance to win prizes and to see everything our program has to offer
Questions and information on how to sign up? Email fitness@regis.edu

Women's Leadership Conference: March 23rd

Brown Bag Lunch and Learn: Nutrition - Vegetarian/Vegan FAQs

April 10th: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Location: Claver 329
In this lunch and learn, we will have an open conversations and Q and A session about the vegetarian and vegan diets. If this is something you have been curious about or what to learn more about, this is the lunch and learn for you! 

Brown Bag Lunch and Learn: Sleep
April 11th: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Location: Claver 203
In this lunch and learn, we will discuss the benefits of sleep, techniques to help you maximize your sleep, help children establish sleep patterns, and common errors that intervene with restorative sleep. We will also assist each participant develop their own personal and/or family sleep habit.

May 2nd: Mindful Coloring
Location: Newland Prayer Room (in Chapel)
For more information contact Nicole at nmarcisz@regis.edu 


Spring 2019 Additional Activities

Spring Noon Hour Fitness Classes through Wellness and Recreation:

Tuesdays 12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.: HIIT30

Come join us for 30 minutes of high intensity interval training. This class will involve a combination of cardiovascular drills and strength training drills to help get your heart pumping and improve your overall fitness. Previous experience in group fitness classes is encouraged, but not required.

Wednesdays 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.: Pilates

Pilates is a series of movements that engage the mind and condition the total body. The blend of strength and flexibility training helps to improve posture, reduce stress, and improve muscle endurance and strength. Pilates takes a balanced approach in the area of fitness so that no muscle group is overworked. This form of fitness will help keep both the mind and body in balance to help improve all aspects of daily living. All skill levels are welcome!

Thursdays 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.: Yoga

Come join us for a peaceful 60 minutes of your day where you will learn to connect your breath and movements to help reduce stress and re-center your day. Our certified yoga instructor will lead you through a variety of sun salutations, yoga poses, spine strengthening, and breathing exercises to help you improve your overall well-being. Class will conclude with a savasana to help connect the mind, body and spirt into one. All skill levels are welcome!

Fridays 12:15 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.: Total Body

Looking to increase strength and tone all over? Total body is an excellent class to help build all over strength while also giving your muscles a nice “toned” appearance. This 45 minute full body workout utilizes body bars, dumbbells and free weights to help strengthen your body. Our instructors are trained and able to assist participants in maintaining proper form throughout class to help avoid injury. All ability and skill levels are welcome.

Noon Basketball

Looking to play?? Contact jgualtieri@regis.edu to get on the email group.

Common Ground

Every Wednesday 12 p.m. - 12:30 p.m., led by Ken Phillips, meet in the Newland Prayer room in the chapel; this is an interfaith prayer service and all are welcome to join.

Heart and Mind Meditation 

- Drop ins welcome, meditation every day refer to the website for details.



Biometric Screening

A quick trip to the Regis Neighborhood Health clinic could give you a more in depth look at your current health.

Biometric screenings provide vital health information for those looking to get a more in-depth look at their health. The screening is an evaluation to help provide past, current and potential medical problems and it is an important component in knowing about your overall wellness. Regis Neighborhood Health offers this screening at a low cost to you. In just 15 minutes you can get all of the following information on your health.

  • Full Lipid Panel (Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides)
  • Blood Glucose
  • Body Compositions (height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference)
  • A1c, PSA, TSH, cotinine and many other tests
  • On-site biometric screenings provide an easy, inexpensive and convenient way to know more about your health.

Biometric screenings also include the following:

  • Individual results: after each screening you will receive a personal copy of your results plus education on how to read your results and what to do with your results.
  • Expert health education: The licensed professionals at Regis Neighborhood Health will analyze your results for you and recommend the right specialist for your needs.  

Who knows, the specialist you need could be right here on campus!

Regis Neighborhood Health recommends that you come in to get a biometric screening every six months.

Program Offerings

Ready to get started? To participate in the program To participate in the program register now.

Smoking Cessation

Looking to quit smoking or learn more about smoking and your health? Visit COquitline.org to find out more information. The Colorado QuitLine is funded through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The department serves the people of Colorado by providing high-quality, cost-effective public health and environmental protection services. The department focuses on evidence-based practices in the public health and environmental fields and plays a critical role in educating Colorado citizens to make informed choices.

Weight Loss Challenge

The Faculty and Staff Wellness Program weight loss challenge is a 6 week long challenge. During the 6 weeks participants will work on their own to reach their weight loss goals. Weigh ins will occur at the beginning and end of the challenge to record progress and determine winners. Throughout the challenge participants will receive check in emails and encouragement to help them on their journey.

To keep track of your fitness and nutrition, either while doing the challenge or for general daily use, we recommend using MyFitnessPal. It is not just a website for recording your exercise and nutrition, but it also comes in a convenient app for your phone! If you are participating in the weight loss challenge, we recommend you use this program to help you stay on track with your goals because we all know the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it.

Lifestyle Goal Challenge

The lifestyle goal challenge is a more holistic approach to fitness/wellness that allows YOU to choose what is best for YOU at this time when it comes to YOUR health and wellness.

Participants will set a goal that they want to achieve within 6 weeks. It can be weight loss, gain muscle, eat healthier, spend more time with friends and family really anything related to our 5 pillars of Wellness. From your goal you will receive an individualized goal sheet that will aid in you reaching your goal over the next 6 weeks. The overall goal is to commit to your goal with the commitment amount growing during the competition. We will start slow with a 1-2 day a week commitment, then 2-3 days a week, then 3-4 days a week ect. Slow commitments equal a higher chance of success and prolonged commitment to the goal/lifestyle. This model tends to turn goals into lifestyles. The program will also include a self-evaluation form, check-ins and motivational emails.

Those who complete all 6 weeks, hitting the goal each week will receive a prize pack.

Go Move Challenge

The "Go Move Challenge" is a competition between Jesuit universities/colleges in the U.S. Regis is one of the competing schools. Please join us and help us become the Jesuit school with the most amount of movement in a month! The challenge beings February 1st and runs through the 28th every year (or 29th if its a leap year). It is very simple...all you need to do is record your movement every day and literally every movement you do counts as movement. Those who wish to participate can sign up every January by visiting www.gomovechallenge.org

**Note: not all of the above offerings are offered every calendar year

Wellness and Recreation

Wellness and Recreation offers many services that are open to faculty and staff here on campus. These services include:

6,000 sq ft Fitness Center
  • All you need is an ID to enter the facility and it is yours to use.
  • Note: hours change throughout the year.
Group Fitness Classes
  • These classes are free to faculty and staff all year long. Just bring your ID to get into the fitness center and you can attend whichever class you like.
Personal Training
  • Offered to all faculty and staff on campus for a minimal fee. To sign up visit www.regis.edu/wellness and navigate to the personal training page via the fitness center page to see how to sign up.
Intramural Sports
  • This is a free service the faculty and staff can take advantage of here at Regis University all year long. Make a team with coworkers or a team with some of your students, either works for us! Visit imleagues.com/Regis to see what sports are being offered and to sign up your team.
Outdoor Adventure Program Cycle Works Bike Shop
  • If you tend to do a lot of biking around Colorado or you want to start back up and get your bike services, the Bike Shop is here to help. The shop is open during the school year and the bike shop techs can help get your bike up to working speed. Tune-ups are free of charge, but if you need a part replaced you will have to cover the cost of the part, other than that this is another free service offered to faculty and staff here on campus.

Mission Statement

Wellness and Recreation strives to positively impact the quality of life of the Regis community through inclusive, innovative and socially engaging programs, which promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 


On Campus Opportunities:

Bike to Work Day: Dust off your bike and helmet and start planning your safe route to Regis! There are so many reasons to bike to work! Did you know regular amounts of exercise, such as cycling and walking, could improve your health? Want a “Better Way to Health”  consider biking to work again in June 2019 (exact date TBD). Join other Regis University faculty, staff and students as we support an activity, when done over time, reduces stress, prevents leading causes of death and disability, and adds exercise into your busy schedule. You can register for your ride to the Regis Northwest Campus by going to

Intramurals: Committed to fostering good sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle, along with bonding with your coworkers and other faculty, staff, and students on campus, the Intramural program through Wellness and Recreation strives to provide all students, faculty and staff with opportunities to nurture their character, pursue physical fitness and make intelligent decisions within a competitive recreational environment. Intramurals offers sports all year round to help keep you physically active and connected with the Regis community. Visit www.imleagues.com/Regis to see what sports are happening throughout the year and to sign up your team. 

Regis Holiday Parties/Pot Lucks: These are great opportunities to get everyone together in your office and have a great time and gather socially. It is also a good way to take an hour or two at the end of a busy semester and regroup as a team in a fun way. Regis University also has its annual holiday party, which is a great way to spend time with your coworkers and to meet others on campus. 

Ignatian Heritage Day: Keep an eye out each August to see what day and time this event will take place. Come join the whole University for the President’s State of the University address and engage with fellow colleges across campus over lunch. 

Regis University Athletics Games: Visit www.regisrangers.com for current sports schedules.

The Gathering Place Service Opportunity (team or individual opportunity): For more information, contact Geoffrey Bateman at gbateman@regis.edu.

Walking Club: Returning Spring 2019


On-Campus Opportunities

Daily Mass: Monday - Friday at noon (during the academic year)

Reconciliation: Sundays: 6:45 - 7:15 p.m.

Retreat in Workday: For more information contact Ken Phillips

Brown Bag and Belief: contact Ken Phillips for exact dates and information.

Common Ground: Common Ground meets every Wednesday in the Newland Prayer Room from noon - 12:30 p.m. This is an ecumenical prayer service and all are welcome to join. 

Heart and Mind Meditation: 

Mondays - 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. (guided meditation) 
Tuesdays -11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (unguided)
Wednesdays - 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. (guided meditation)  
Thursdays - 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. (guided meditation)  
Fridays - 12:15 - 12:45 p.m. (unguided)  

Go to http://regismeditation.weebly.com/ for more information or contact Anna Floyd.

  • Heart and Mind is a drop-in meditation and contemplation group that meets on the Northwest Denver Campus at Regis University. The group is open to anyone and everyone interested in learning about meditation, and inclusive of all levels and types of experience. Each week, they explore various types of practice, pulling from different faith traditions and secular practices. Practice is offered during the Regis College academic year and the schedule can be found on the website.

Community Service/Volunteering: Looking for ways to volunteer around the Regis Community? Visit https://www.regis.edu/About-Regis-University/JesuitEducated/Office-of-Mission/Mission-Leave-Opportunities.aspx for a list of all the opportunities. Get your coworkers together and help out!

  • Here on campus The Father Woody Program gets together every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 a.m. to put together Sack Lunches for Denver’s Homeless. They are always looking for helping hands! Contact Connie Gates at cgates@regis.edu for additional information.


In the spirit of Cura Personalis, consider your passion for Regis and support what you care about most at the University with a gift. Giving promotes happiness and philanthropists report having more meaningful lives. Join our committed community of faculty and staff members with your gift today – https://www.regis.edu/Giving-Gateway.


On Campus Opportunities:

Returning Spring 2019

Contact Human Resources with any questions about the above financial talks.

Other helpful documents from our HR department here on campus: 


On Campus Opportunities:

Virtual Stress Relief: If you are interested, want more details or to sign up to get on the mailing list by emailing nmarcisz@regis.edu

Center for Counseling and Family Therapy: Contact 303.964.5786 for an appointment at the Thornton Campus or 719.264.7027 for an appointment at the Colorado Springs campus.

Additional helpful documents to help you with the following:

Ability Assist on Estate Guidance (writing a will)

Ability Assist on Travel

Ability Assist on Funeral Planning

Ability Assist for Hard Times 

Looking for more opportunities: check out our home page under program steps and activities for information on Yoga, Pilates, QiGong, Mindful Coloring, Meditation and much more!

Program Successes

Fall 2017 WLC (weight loss challenge) Success

Number of Participants: 85
    - 45 percent completed both the initial and final weigh ins
Total Pounds Lost: 76.7 lbs
Total Inches Lost: 62.6 in
    - Measurements done at the chest, waist and hips

Fall 2016 WLC Success

Number of Participants: 100
    - 50 percent completed both the initial and final weigh ins
Total Pounds Lost: 164 lbs
Total Inches Lost: 52.75 in
    - Measurements done at the chest, waist and hips


Fall 2017  Wellness Program Winner Testimonial

The wellness program was a great opportunity for me to learn many new things. Once main focus was better sleep habits that I was able to take home and share with my family. The instructors were very knowledgeable and gave great tips.  I also love that the flu shot was available to us again this year at no cost. I think more employees should take advantage of the wellness program they will be very satisfied on what they can learn from these different workshops.

- Danielle Maldonado

Fall 2017 Weight Loss Challenge Winner Testimonial

When I initially thought about participating in the Weight Loss Challenge, it was because I didn’t like how I looked in pictures and my doctor had indicated I needed to lose a bit of weight. It wasn’t until I got my initial weigh-in results that indicated I was overweight that I started to comprehend I might need to change…I had always been skinny. I started out thinking I could just cut back a little on soda and I would move back into the normal category, but I soon realized I wasn’t losing much weight so I started walking a fair amount and tracking my steps each day on a phone app. I still wasn’t losing much (if anything)…that’s when I started to get motivated to read some of the information from the Weight Loss Challenge. I wandered over to the Fitness Center on campus and looked in, but didn’t actually do anything. 

Then, I finally decided I was going to use a cardio machine for 15 minutes and I was able to burn about 60 calories. I weighed myself and saw no decrease in weight. Then, I started reading about some of the dangers of remaining overweight….that combined with not liking how I looked and being placed in an overweight category motivated me to step it up a bit more. So, I kept going to the Fitness Center and set goals of burning 100 calories in one setting and then 150, 200, and 300. I finally started noticing some weight change and started talking with a couple of people at the fitness center that also worked out. It eventually became something that I looked forward to doing…an area that I had been intimidated by originally.

The Weight Loss Challenge initially provided some resources for me to lose weight and fall back on, but it mainly motivated me because I didn’t want to be in an overweight category. It jarred me to be in an overweight category. I also wanted to finish ahead of my co-workers…I knew they were losing too and I wanted to make a good showing. The initial weigh-in was a wake-up call and then after continuing to read, I realized the dangers of my weight. So, the motivation continued to build.

The best part of all is that the Weight Loss Challenge has ended, but I am continuing to slightly decrease my weight each week. 

Fall 2016 Weight Loss Challenge Team Winners (Slim Possible) Testimonial

Being able to work at a place that values our mental, spiritual and physical well-being is very important to all three of us. We are so fortunate to be able to work together at Regis. This year, my mom finally committed to changing her lifestyle and focusing on making healthy nutrition choices as well as ramping up her workout regime. After months of this, she inspired my sister and I to also start making healthier choices like bringing veggies to snack on during the day and planning what we were going to make for dinner ahead of time so that we didn’t get stuck grabbing "quick fixes" that weren’t healthy. We also began working out together during our lunch time at the Regis Fitness Center or at one of the many gyms offered on our monthly Class Pass membership. When the Wellness Program announced they were hosting a weight loss challenge for the faculty and staff, we were so excited to sign up. All three of us have different fitness goals, but we knew we would be able to encourage each other through this challenge to do our best (and hopefully each lose a little weight). The challenge was the perfect length - just long enough to see results and stay encouraged. The emails that came along a few times a week helped us stay motivated and gave us ideas for workouts or meals to help us switch it up and not get bored. With the encouragement of the Wellness Program staff and each other we were able to beat the small goals we had set for ourselves and really make a change in our bodies during this challenge. We are so grateful for this challenge and can't wait to continue encouraging each other on our fitness journeys.

- Savanna Brown

Fall 2016 Wellness Program Winner Testimonial

I was entered to win a pair of Bronco tickets for participating in three Regis Wellness Program Events, and I won! I took my son to his first Bronco game, and we had an amazing time. The seats were awesome, the weather was great (for January) and we loaded up on junk food. What a fun game to go to and a special day with my little guy! Also - the Broncos beat the Raiders. :)

- Marla Bregitzer

Fall 2016 Wellness Program Winner Testimonial

New Year’s Day 2017. Over 20 pounds lost, a new Broncos scarf wrapped around my neck, an awesome stadium blanket to keep me warm, and two FREE tickets to the Broncos vs. Raiders game. Sounds like a pretty great start to the New Year, right? All because I decided to kick-start my healthy new year by participating in the Faculty and Staff Wellness Program. All I had to do was take steps to improve my health! I had a biometric screening, participated in the Weight Loss Challenge, and finally got my flu shot. Small price to pay for a chance for free Broncos tickets!

I received the email that my name was pulled for the tickets. MY NAME! I screamed, I jumped for joy, and once I was at the game, I downed a whole piece of pizza in celebration of my hard work and success.

Plus, by getting a kick-start for changing my health, while surrounded by a solid support team and accountability, I am still making healthy decisions in creating a much healthier lifestyle for lasting change. The Fitness Center at Regis always has programs, contests, and great opportunities available if people need help in sticking to your goals – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM! I promise you won’t regret it. Plus, you might get free tickets to watch your home team.

Blessings and cura personalis,

- Kayla

Broncos game