Learning Together—Teaching Together

Chapel at Regis University's Denver campus

Affiliate Faculty, critical to the success of Regis University, provide valuable experience, time, and expertise to better our campus environment and cultivate areas of learning.  Providing resources necessary for the success of affiliate faculty, the Regis Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning strives to cultivate an environment in which all can thrive.  Access to important information such as university resources, teaching resources, general information, and employment and benefit policies can be found here.  Supporting affiliate faculty members of the Regis University community is one of the core efforts tackled by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  

University Resources

Registrar's office 
Email: studentservices@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.5536
Office: Fourth Floor of Main Hall

Campus Safety
Email: safety@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4122
Office: Main Hall Room 129

Regis Print and Mail Center  
Email: CPC@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4380
Location: Ground Level Behind O'Connell Hall

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
Email: cetl@regis.edu
Phone: 303.964.6352
Location: Office of the Provost—217E

Deans of each college + Administrative Assistant

Regis College
Academic Dean: Thomas Bowie
Email: rcdean@regis.edu or tbowie@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4040
Interim Academic Dean: Heidi Barker 
Email: hbarker@regis.edu
Phone: 303.964.5187
Location: Loyola Hall 16—Office of the Dean

Ruckert-Hartman College of Health Professionals 
Academic Dean: Thomas McPoil
Email: rhchphcpd@regis.edu or tmcpoil@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4174
Administrative Assistant: Alyssa Pettera pette146@regis.edu
Location: Claver Hall 403T

College of Contemporary Liberal Studies 
Academic Dean: Elisa Robyn
Email: erobyn@regis.edu
Phone: 303.964.6420
Administrative Assistant: Ashley Kaufhold akaufhold@regis.edu
Location: Clarke Hall 468

College of Computer and Information Sciences
Academic Dean: Shari Plantz-Masters
Email: splantzmasters@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4350
Administrative Assistant: Charlene De La O cdelao@regis.edu
Location: Clarke Hall 430

College of Business and Economics 
Academic Dean: Timothy Keane
Email: keane@regis.edu
Phone: 303.964.6644
Administrative Assistant: Sharon Burn sburn@regis.edu
Location: Clarke Hall 314

Dayton Memorial Library 
Dean: Thomas Riedel
Email: library@regis.edu or triedel@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4030
Location: Dayton Memorial Library—Northwest Denver College Campus

Dean of Students Office 
Matthew Sullivan
Email: stulife@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4086
Location: Student Center 223

Resources for Students: 

The Learning Commons
Email: tlc@regis.edu
Phone: 303.964.6591
Location: Clarke Hall 2nd Floor

Office of Counseling and Personal Development
Phone: 303.458.3507
Location: Coors Life Direction Center

Student Health Services 
Phone: 303.458.3558
Email: rushs@regis.edu
Location: Coors Life Direction Center

Student Disability Services and University Testing 
Director: Marijo Williams
Email: disability@regis.edu
Phone: 303.458.4941
Location: Clarke Hall 2nd Floor

Ignatian Scholars Program

The Ignatian Scholars Program is a two-year course designed for affiliate faculty in the five colleges at Regis University. The course focuses on the Ignatian story as context for the contributions of the Jesuits to education. It also fosters reflection on each educator’s story within a Jesuit Catholic university. Learners will explore their own philosophies of education as well as their spirituality as educators within the Regis context.
The course meets on four Fridays at the Regis Northwest Campus in year one and on two Fridays in year two. Three hours of pass/fail graduate credit are earned per year (a total of 6 graduate credits)  through successful completion of the Program. There is no cost for the Program.

The Ignatian Scholars Program was first offered to faculty in 20007 and over 100 Regis faculty have participated.

Applications are due in June each year. For further information, contact Marie Friedemann or Sister Peg Maloney.

Best of web for Affiliate Faculty

Check out CETL’s recommendations for affiliate aimed websites.

Websites for Affiliates

Adjunct Faculty Nation News—Supporting Adjunct Faculty since 1992

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The New Faculty Majority

National Educators Association—Resources for Contingent Faculty Bargaining

American Association of University Professors

Inside Higher Ed

American Association of Adjunct Education

Faculty Forward

Resources to follow on Twitter

Adjunct Twitter: @AdjunctAction

Guardian Higher Education Network: @GdnHigherEd

Faculty Forward: @FacultyForward

New Faculty Majority @NewFacMajority

Employment & Benefits

Find out key information about employment policies and faculty benefits on the Regis HR website.