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Active learning is a process embodied by many different teaching strategies. Such strategies involve getting the student to be an active participant in the learning process. Research indicates that such methods are superior to traditional and passive classroom activities such as listening to lectures. Learn more about helping your students become more active in the learning process. 

Should I lecture?

The traditional method of teaching college students often fails to engage many students. New innovative teaching methods can facilitate a more productive and meaningful classroom experience. 

Don’t Lecture Me

This article examines the decline in the use of lecture in some universities, and its replacement with more effective teaching and learning strategies. 

Class Discussions

The healthy exchange of ideas is a critical component of a college education. Learn how to design engaging and effective class discussions.

Leading Class Discussions is an excellent collection of resources for leading class discussions and connecting with students.

How to Lead a Discussion is a brief outline for leading effective class discussions. 

Flipped Classrooms

Flipping a classroom involves assigning videos of lectures to be viewed at home, while using class time to help students refine skills such researching, writing, and critical analysis. Learn more about how to flip your classroom, and allow your students to actively participate in learning.

This article provides a great in introduction to the basics of flipping a classroom. 


Learn to better understand technology, how it can affect learning, and how to use technology in your courses.

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