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Regis University promotes the respectful exchange of ideas in the classroom. Such debate is an integral component of an effective college education. Some classroom conversations can increase the likelihood of conflict and aggression. We encourage faculty to prepare for difficult conversations so they can respond in an effective manner. Thus, instructors can simultaneously promote the healthy and respectful exchange of ideas while protecting students and promoting peace and understanding on campus.


This outline shows what skills and cognitive abilities students need to use in order to learn and think critically during discussion of controversial topics.

Do You Have the Right to be an Advocate? - Education Week is a look into the ethical issues surrounding the right to espouse political and moral options in the classroom.

Chapter 4: Teaching Controversy | Teaching Tolerance explains how to use discussion in the classroom to undo prejudice and increase understanding.

The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. – Sean Blanda – Medium provides an interesting look at some of the biases we show in the way we stick to our opinions and ignore conflicting evidence.

Teaching Controversial Topics | Center for Teaching and Learning is a brief guideline to covering controversial topics in the classroom.

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom | Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning is about handling conflict in the classroom.

Managing Difficult Teaching Situations | Office of Teaching & Learning from the University of Denver offers a concise outline for handling difficult moments in the classroom.

Checklist of assumptions that can impact motivation, learning and performance - Checklist of Assumptions that Impact Motivation, Learning - Carnegie Mellon University, Eberly Center.pdf lists some of the types of assumptions that affect how educators view and interact with their students.

This guideline explains how to effectively facilitate discussions on race.  

A quick guide to establishing ground rules.