Campus scenic at Regis University in Denver

Regis is home to a diverse set of learners. There are learners from a variety of age groups and cultural backgrounds taking classes both on campus and online.

Understanding Today's Learner

Adult Learners

Regis is home to a large population of adult learners. These nontraditional students tend to behave differently than traditional college students. The resources collected here discuss the differences between adult learners and traditional students, and explore innovations in teaching pedagogy for adult learners.

Theories of Adult Learning explains theory of adult learning, and related educational theories, as well as tips for implementing these principles in class.

Adult Learners: No Loner Nontraditional provides insight into the experiences and attributes of adult learners and their experiences in higher education. 

Traditional Students

Regis College is composed mainly of traditional college students. Learn more about tailoring teaching methods to this population of learners.

The Beloit Mindset List defines attributes of next year’s incoming college freshmen, with special attention to popular culture. The purpose of this list is to help professors better understand and connect with their students.

Today's College Students - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Postsecondary Success is an excellent infographic explaining demographic and other attributes of today’s college students.

Backgrounds and Beliefs of College Freshmen - The Chronicle of Higher Education provides graphs and charts to show how attitudes, abilities, and attributes of college students have changed or remained consistent over the past roughly fifty years. 

Online Learners

More than half of Regis students will take at least one course online. Online and blended course formats add new dimensions to the processes of teaching and learning than are encountered in traditional classroom settings. 

Online Learning Discovery Resources- TOEP - Tools of Engagement Project provides tools and tips for engaging students.

Blended and Online Learning | Center for Teaching | Vanderbilt University offers information about teaching classes blending online and traditional classroom components.

10 Strategies for Personalizing Online Discussion Forums offers advice on personalizing online discussion forums.

How to Increase Student Engagement in Your Online Courses with Polls provides assistance in increasing student engagement in online courses. 

First Generation Students

The college experience can pose special challenges to those students who do not have a parent or guardian who has a college degree. Learn more about helping this population of college students reach their full potential.  

I'm First is a resource for first generation students.

Teaching First Year Students offers a guide for effectively teaching to first year college students. 

Teaching Writing

Ability to communicate clearly through writing is critical to success in college and beyond. Learn how to help students refine their academic writing skills.

How Writing Teachers Can Help Revolutionize Higher Education shows how writing teachers can help improve the college experience for students, helping them to learn more effectively.

MLA Teaching Resource is a collection of resources regarding proper MLA style.

Layout 2 - Keys-to-Designing-Effective-Writing-and-Research-Assignments.pdf provides assistance in designing course work to refine academic writing skills.