The new Provost Scholar Award is designed to support innovative, engaging, and collaborative faculty-student research projects on contemporary topics as outlined in the Provost’s scholarly agenda.
Faculty can win up to $7,500 in research grant funding for a significant faculty-student collaboration in one of the following subject areas:
1) Diversity and social justice;
2) The science of learning;
3) Our global role;
4) Nurturing our environment. 
In addition, the Provost is reserving one traditional URSC faculty research grant for a faculty member who does research in any of the subject areas above. This faculty member will be designated a Provost Scholar.

The Provost Scholar Award will be evaluated and awarded in conjunction with the Spring 2019 URSC Faculty Research Awards.

The deadline for this cycle is April 15, 2019.

The potential awards are

1)      Provost Scholars Award: up to $7500 for a faculty-student collaboration addressing any topic on the Provost’s Scholarly Agenda

2)      Provost’s Scholar: up to $5000 for a faculty research project that addresses any topic on the Provost’s Scholarly Agenda

Faculty interested in applying for the Provost Scholars Award will need to complete a standard Provost Scholar Award Application, outline how this project fits into the Provost’s Scholarly Agenda, and describe how the project will add additional value to any participating students.
Faculty interested in becoming a Provost’s Scholar will need to complete a standard URSC faculty research grant application and be expected to include a short discussion of how their work will benefit from student participation and contribute to the enrichment of the student experience.