Regis University is reducing the number of credits required to earn a baccalaureate degree from 128 credit hours to 120 credit hours, effective fall semester 2016.

This brings Regis in line with the majority of Jesuit universities in the U.S. and with public universities in Colorado and nationwide. With this change we expect to see improved retention and graduation rates which, of course, helps ensure the success of the students we serve.

Credits removed from graduation requirements will come out of general elective courses; thus core and major requirements will not be affected. Some degrees will continue to require more than the 120 credit hours because of specialized accreditation, state licensing requirements or the requirements of the major itself. These will be identified at the college level.

In general:

  • This will not impact students graduating in May or August of 2016.
  • If a student still has general electives to complete, s/he may benefit by changing to the 120 credit-hour degree plan.
  • If core and major requirements are all a student has to complete, s/he will not benefit by changing to the 120 credit-hour degree plan.
  • If a student wishes to migrate to a new degree plan of 120-credit hours, s/he must accept any changes in the major and core requirements (reflected in the new 2016 Catalogue) that may have occurred since the current degree plan was signed.

If you think a change in degree plan will be to your advantage, please contact your college advisor for more information.