Lead organizations through effective communication and delivery of value to ethically serve customer needs.

The Master of Science in Marketing at Regis University in Denver, Colorado is designed for entry and mid-level marketing professionals. Courses are offered online and in the classroom.
The Master of Science in Marketing is designed for entry and mid-level marketing professionals with an interest in exploring leadership from a strategic and tactical perspective while offering an opportunity to cultivate the leadership skills to think critically, create vision based on ethical values, and discern the future, take risks, and institute change within an organization. The curriculum is a blend of contemporary marketing practices that focus on identifying and serving market needs, communicating and facilitating positive change in a global environment.
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One often hears references to the “bottom line.” Marketing addresses the top line, the revenue line of the income statement. Marketing encompasses many functions: research, promotion, sales, advertising, customer service, product development, pricing and the distribution of goods. Every organization conducts marketing; from Fortune 500 companies to independent contractors; for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations. The M.S. in Marketing program will prepare you to excel in today’s digital, global, and innovative economy.

IS the M.S. Marketing FOR ME?

Regis’ M.S. in Marketing requires an ability to recognize opportunities, understand the needs of customers and implement creative solutions. It often requires long hours, flexibility and tight deadlines. The enrichment from working in marketing can be experienced in the satisfaction in helping others reach their goals and fulfill their needs.


The program focuses on data gathering and analysis, opportunity and competitive analysis, application of ethical standards in marketing practices, service to customers, product/service development, critical thinking, and communication to stakeholders.

You’ll become an expert on the various disciplines associated with modern business and organization management. In particular, the 30 credit hour degree will prepare graduates to:

  • Research and analyze industry and market data to define strategic market opportunity for organizations.
  • Evaluate ethical considerations and make recommendations when conducting marketing initiatives for an organization.
  • Analyze and recommend marketing solutions for industries, organizations and specific products and services through the use of case studies and client projects.
  • Apply marketing concepts to customer acquisition, competition, product development, product distribution, promotion, and price strategies.
  • Utilize measurement and control methods to achieve marketing goals for an organization.


Regis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), one of six regional higher education institutional accreditors in the United States.


M.S. in Marketing courses are offered online and in the classroom. The convenience of online and evening courses let you work and attend school at the same time, working toward your degree without sacrificing your paycheck. The program requires just 30 credit hours and classes are offered in an 8-week accelerated format.


Courses are offered in 8-week terms that begin in:

June or July

Career Opportunities

What careers can I enter with an M.S. in Marketing degree?

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Advertising Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
Salary and employment information on the above job titles can be researched at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career support from Regis

The Center for Career and Professional Development at Regis provides you with the resources, training and advice to help you establish and meet your career goals. That means we’ll help you choose an academic major, explore and find a new career path or create the tools for a successful job search that will promote your career. To learn more, visit our Center for Career and Professional Development page.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements (9 credit hours)
CBE 6010 Logic and Critical Analysis
CBE 6020 Leading in a New Era
CBE 6030 Business Intelligence and Analytics
Marketing Requirements (6 credit hours)
MKT 6020 Market Opportunity Assessment
MKT 6040 Global Marketing
Marketing Electives (12 credit hours) - choose 4 courses from the following:
MKT 6010 Marketing and Operations Decision Points
MKT 6050 Global Brand Strategy
MKT 6190 Digital Marketing and Promotion
MKT 6220 Marketing Mix Decisions
MKT 6230 Customer Relations: Development and Management
Capstone (3 credit hours)
MKT 6300 Product Management

Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list above, and prospective students should contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for recent changes and updates. Current students contact an Academic Advisor in the Anderson College of Business.

To download a printable fact sheet with program details, click here.

How to Apply

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Admission Criteria

Regis University’s Anderson College of Business is dedicated to delivering a world-class business education founded on individualized, values-based, experiential learning.  We seek to attract aspiring business leaders who demonstrate a passion for addressing today’s complex economic, environmental, and social challenges with an ethical and innovative approach that addresses urgent civil needs.

We base our admissions evaluation on the totality of information available in the admissions application. No single factor (GPA performance, essay, letters of recommendation, work experience or test scores) is the deciding factor for admission. We consider each application holistically, and take into account factors such as experience, fit with Regis University’s mission, aspirations, values, and accomplishments.

Applicants must possess a baccalaureate degree either from a U.S. regionally accredited institution or equivalent if bachelor’s is from outside the U.S.

Materials Needed for Application and Admission*

  • Complete the online graduate application
  • Official degree-bearing transcripts must be sent directly from your previously attended school to the Regis University Admissions Office (see below for address).
  • Current resume
  • Admission essay (instructions to upload your completed essay are included in the online application)
  • A faculty interview may be necessary

Once all documentation has been received, an Admissions Committee reviews the application and the committee makes an admission recommendation. (GMAT/GRE may be required at the discretion of the committee.)

NOTE: Applications that are incomplete and/or missing information will NOT be processed. An applicant not meeting the above requirements may submit a request for special consideration by the Admissions Committee.

Send Transcripts to:

Regis University
Office of Admissions
Mail Code: A-12
3333 Regis Boulevard
Denver, CO 80221-1099

Electronic transcripts may be sent to sendtranscripttoRU@regis.edu

Applications are due one month prior to start date. Visit the academic calendar to view start dates.

*Your application file including all requirements, documents and fees, must be completed by the application deadline.


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