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The traditional accounting program in the College of Business and Economics prepares students for effective management of business enterprises and the proper functioning of the private and public sectors.

Accounting (Traditional)

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The traditional accounting program at Regis functions within a moral, ethical, and intellectual framework, to help students pursue an understanding of the changing world of business and economic systems in the global business community.

The faculty is committed to personal and professional integrity and competence in the service of others. In this way students are challenged to academic accountability and excellence. The CBE's purpose is to graduate traditional students prepared for careers as competent professionals and good citizens who answer for themselves, "How ought we to live?"

Program Requirements

Traditional CBE students must complete the Core Studies requirements in addition to their major requirements. Core Studies consists of:

  • Core Foundation: 6 credits, or two courses taken over the fall and spring of freshmen year
  • Distributive Core: 40-46 credits that represent a variety of offerings in disciplines that provide the underpinning of a solid liberal education
  • Integrative Core: 12 credits, or four upper division courses taken in the junior and senior year

More information about Core Studies in the traditional classroom format can be found on the Regis College website. 

Listed below are the degree requirements for completion of the traditional B.A. in Accounting. Prospective students, please note that recent course requirement updates might not be listed and you should contact an Admissions Counselor at 800.944.7667. Current students, contact an Academic Advisor in the College of Business and Economics.

Lower Division Requirements  (25 credit hours)
AC 320A Principles of Accounting I (3 ch)
AC 320B Principles of Accounting II (3 ch)
EC 320/EC 320C Principles of Macroeconomics (3 ch)
EC 330 Principles of Microeconomics (3 ch)
BA 250 Introduction to Business (3 ch)
MT 270/MT 270C Introduction to Statistics (3 ch)
BA 282 Introduction to Information Systems Concepts (3 ch)
MT 360A Calculus I (3 ch)
Upper Division Requirements  (33 credit hours)

27 upper division Accounting and Business Administration courses which must include:
AC 410A Intermediate Accounting I (3 ch)
AC 410B Intermediate Accounting II (3 ch)
AC 410C Intermediate Accounting III (3 ch)
AC 440 Cost Accounting (3 ch)
AC 450A Income Tax Accounting I (3 ch)
BA 420 Marketing (3 ch)
BA 430 Business Finance (3 ch)
AC 481A Business Law I (3 ch)
Plus 6 upper division credit hours of Accounting elective courses selected from the following:
AC 420 Advanced Marketing (3 ch)
AC 450B Income Tax Accounting II (3 ch)
AC 460 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting (3 ch)
AC 470 Accounting Theory (3 ch)

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