Tom is Lecturer in the Anderson College of Business for over 20 years in both classroom formats. He shares his personal and professional experiences in leadership development, strategic planning, building high performing teams, culture shaping, and change management with his students to inspire them to become the next generation of leaders. 

He works with growing companies to the Fortune 1000 at the executive level to the front-line managers in organizations in both service and product-based businesses. His business acumen reaches across all organizational functions in a variety of industries both domestically and abroad. 

He has 30 years of senior management experience and shares his visionary thinking to help organizations meet the challenges and demands for inspiring the workforce. He is a loving husband, caring parent, compassionate to all, loves life, as well as a respected speaker, coach, facilitator, writer, and a Lecturer at Regis University in the Anderson College of Business. Tom earned his MBA in Operations from Regis University in 1998. Tom’s academic and corporate programs enlightens and inspires participants to change their lives. His life-long vision is to transform the workplace to be free of fear so relationships can be experienced with compassion, acceptance, enjoyment, and trust, the final frontier for organizational effectiveness. His achievements can be found at and on

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