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The SEED Fellows program is one of the key ways our Institute connects Regis resources with our community needs. We support our outstanding Regis faculty financially, and they bring their expertise, compassion and service to our SEED initiatives. The faculty Fellows below represent diverse academic and administrative departments and colleges at Regis University. They demonstrate the SEED's vision for working with community partners, faculty and students to build tomorrow's vibrant, resilient and sustainable cities. 

Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander is the executive director of the Institute on the Common Good and oversees the Regis Anchor Institute initiative.

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Northwest Denver Campus

Paul Casey

Paul Casey has a B.A. from Amherst College and a Master of Nonprofit Management from Regis University. He served as executive director of an array of nonprofit organizations focused on low income housing, international development and community organization. Casey works with a transformative model of positive social change enabling community members to identify and address issues of primary concern at local, regional and national levels. Applying this framework local leaders learn to prioritize needs, research issues, develop a political analysis, and determine how to acquire resources to realize significant goals for their communities. He has worked with immigrant communities, migrant farm laborers, people with disabilities, peace and social justice groups, schools, churches and international NGOs. As Lead Community Organizer with the Institute on the Common Good his current role focuses on Regis University’s anchor institution initiative. Casey also has a consulting practice that encompasses strategic planning, building organizational capacity and leadership development.

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Northwest Denver Campus

Janet Rumfelt

Janet Rumfelt is an associate professor in the College for Contemporary Liberal Studies and an invited panelist the Society for Values in Higher Education addressing Laudato Si', civil discourse and interdisciplinary and interfaith perspectives on climate change and its impact. Click here for Rumfelt's full bio.

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Northwest Denver Campus

Sue Scherer

Sue Scherer is the Associate Vice President of Community Collaboration at Regis University. She is the founder of Cultivate Health and Invest Health Westminster and other key Regis community engagement projects.

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Northwest Denver Campus

Abby Schneider

Abby Schneider is an assistant professor of Marketing in the Anderson College of Business. Schneider's teaching and research interests focus on judgment and decision making and how the tools of marketing can influence people to consume consciously in service of people and the planet. Before entering academia, she worked for the ABC News show "What Would You Do?" Click here for her full bio.

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Northwest Denver Campus

Damien Thompson

Damien Thompson is an associate professor of anthropology who earned his doctorate in anthropology from American University and joined Regis University in Denver, Colorado as a faculty in the Department of Sociology in 2007. During his career he has researched gentrification in Washington, D.C., food systems and food justice in Denver, and has been awarded a Professional Fellowship in Food Security by the U.S. Department of State. He has earned a teaching certification in hatha yoga and a permaculture design certificate. Most recently Dr. Thompson began an undergraduate minor in Community Food Systems within Regis University. This innovative academic program explores the social, economic and health implications of the dominant food system. Students study food production of Sister Gardens, a one-acre urban farm that has been built at 52nd and Federal Avenue. All the while students will be developing leadership skills to pursue a realistically sustainable future.

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Northwest Denver Campus