Client Based Learning

You’re invited to assist Regis University Anderson College of Business in developing 21st Century Business Leaders by participating in one of our Client Based Learning courses.

The Client Based Learning Program provides students in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses the opportunity to work with a private, nonprofit or government organization on planning and strategy related projects. Students and organizations work alongside one of our experienced professors who are experts in project management and business, strategic and marketing plan development. The focus of this opportunity is “student learning” therefore, we seek co-education partners interested in engaging with students. The time commitment varies by course. All projects are completed over one academic term (either 8 weeks or 16 weeks). Applications and questions should be forwarded to The WELL Center at The information you provide in the application will help us understand your organization and help us determine which course best meets your organizational needs. More detailed course information can be found in the Client Based Learning Course Descriptions.

Undergraduate Marketing Classes (16 week format)
BA 3330 Marketing Principles Print Media Marketing Analysis
BA 4410 Influencing Customer Buyer Behavior Buyer/Consumer Behavior Analysis
BA 4412 Marketing Communication Advertising & Media Plan
BA 4443 Digital Marketing Media Digital Media Campaign
BA 4423 Market Research Market Research Report
BA 4465 Value Chain Management Value Chain Management Report
Graduate Marketing Classes (8 week format)
MKT 6030 Marketing Strategy Organizational Marketing Strategy
MKT 6190 Digital Marketing & Promotion Digital Media Campaign
MKT 6210 Integrating the Marketing Mix Four P’s Marketing Plan
MKT 6220 Branding and Promotion Promotional Plan
MKT 6230 Customer Relationships: Development & Management CRM Database Assessment
CBE 6240 Entrepreneurial Innovation Business Feasibility Study
Graduate Management and Leadership Classes (8 week format)
CBE 6030 Business Intelligence & Analytics Business Intelligence Analysis
MSM 6590 Project Monitoring and Delivery Project Plan Development (up to 5 parts)

Client Based Learning Guidelines

  1. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but an application submitted after the term assignments have been made may be considered for the following terms. We will keep your application on file for one academic year.
  2. All parties involved (Regis, client and students) will sign the Class Project Agreement. This document, amongst other things, ensures confidentiality between the client, faculty and students. The WELL Center staff will keep the class participant signed Class Project Agreement on file. Regis and the client will receive copies of the signed Class Project Agreement for their records.
  3. Students may work on the activity for the entire length of the class. All activities will be completed during the class term. We offer classes in both the 16 week and 8-week format as indicated in the course descriptions. Not every class is offered every term. Courses generally begin in August, January and May. If your organization has time constraints associated with the activity, please provide specific information in the application.
  4. You will not be charged any fees for the services provided by the students. In some circumstances, you may be asked to pay for surveys or data analysis. The course descriptions identify any anticipated expenses.
  5. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to work with the faculty and students as a co-educator. Students may seek your assistance for coaching or mentoring throughout the process. While this is the primary responsibility of the faculty, we encourage our students to engage our clients and to network where appropriate.

Download the Client Based Learning Application

Download the Client Based Learning Course Descriptions