Professional Bio


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Iowa State University
  • M.A., Philosophy, San Deigo State University
  • B. A., Mathematics, San Diego State University

Academic Experience

  • University of Wyoming.  Assistant Professor of Computer Science, August, 1984 to August, 1988.  Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, August, 1988 to December, 1991. Teaching assignments in Digital Systems Design, Computer Architecture, CMOS-VLSI, relational databases.  Acting Chairman of the Computer Science Department, May, 1986 to September, 1986.
  • Graceland College . Professor of Computer Science, July, 1981 to July, 1984.  Primary teaching assignment in Numerical Analysis, Operating Systems Design and Analysis, Information Systems Design and Analysis, Compiler Construction, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Computer Architecture and Digital Design.
  • Missouri Western State College.  Associate Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, August, 1982 to June, 1983.  Primary assignment in teaching of Computer Science and Mathematics courses and as a consultant in curriculum development. Note: This was a temporary appointment and was concurrent with a full-time position as a full professor at Graceland College.
  • Graceland College.  Associate Professor of Computer Science, July, 1974 to July, 1981.  Primary teaching assignment in Real and Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages.  Promoted to full Professor at Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa, on March 15, 1981.
  • Iowa State University. Instructor of Computer Science, September, 1970 to June, 1971.  Half-time teaching assignment in Programming Languages, FORTRAN and PL/1.  Half-time research with Computations Center Staff.
  • Graceland College. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy, July, 1967 to July, 1974.  Instructor of Mathematics and Philosophy, July, 1995 to June, 1967.  Taught the following courses:  Calculus, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Computer Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Introduction to Philosophy.
Business Experience
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Iowa State University
  • Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.  Intellistor Division, Longmont, Colorado.  Consultant for design and implementation of analytical models for platform architectures employing disk arrays.  The project involved the mathematical analysis of a platform architectures for the purpose of creating an analytical model based on Markovian interpretation of the architecture when viewed as a queuing network.  Stochastic processes were employed for both the transitional as well as the steady state behavior of the system.   The primary features of these architectures lies in the use of redundant arrays of the inexpensive disks (RAID).  The RAID technology was also modeled in the mathematics.  Implementation was in a Unix environment using the C programming language.  Other documentation tools include Emacs and Latex.
  • Consultant to SESI, Inc.  Broomfield, Colorado. Design and Development of a Product Discrepancy Tracking System.  Implementation tools included: Vermont Views, a screen building package, C-Index, a database tool kit, Epsilon, a programmer’s editor, the Unix Operating System, and the C programming language.
  • Consultant to Accelerated Data Systems, Denver, Colorado. September, 1990 to December, 1990. Development of relational database using Gupta SQL.
  • Consultant and Acting Director of Technical Services, Secutron Corporation, Denver, Colorado, June, 1990 to August, 1990.  Development of consulting staff for IBM RS6000 AIX installations.
  • Consultant to Historic Downtown Laramie, Laramie, Wyoming, August, 1988 to November, 1988.  Database management and logistical support.
  • Consultant to InSitu, Inc. Laramie, Wyoming, January, 1988 to November, 1988.  Designed and implemented device drivers for NCAR graphics.
  • Consultant to the Good Land and Cattle Company, Cheyenne, Wyoming, June, 1986 to August, 1988.  Designed and implemented real estate management system.
  • Consultant to Western Oil Tool and Manufacturing Co., Inc., Casper, Wyoming, June, 1986 to August, 1988.  Designed and implemented a cost estimating system.
  • Consultant to the State of Wyoming, Archives, Museums & Historical Department Museums Division. Barrett Building, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, September, 1985 to August, 1986.  Database design development and general consulting as a Collection Management Analyst.
  • Consultant to Des Moines Register and Tribune Company, 715 Locust, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, March, 1983 to July, 1986.  Designed and managed the installation of a management information system.
  • Consultant to Laramie Plains Museum Association, Inc., 603 Ivinson, Laramie, Wyoming 82070, December, 1984 to August, 1985.  Designed a relational database for use in Museum Information Management.
  • Consultant to Des Moines Symphony, Inc., 411 Shops Building, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, December, 1984 to September 1, 1985.  Designed a relational database for use in MIS for Symphony Management.
  • Consultant to Civic Center of Greater Des Moines, Inc., 221 Walnut, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, July, 1984 to December, 1984, designed a relational database for use in MIS for Theatre Management.
  • Consultant to Commercial Printing, Inc. 702 Koesauqua Way, Des Moines, Iowa, March, 1982 to March, 1983, Designed and implemented a system for forecasting and maintaining an inventory of paper stock required to meet printing contracts.
  • Cubic Corporation, Mathematician and Computer Programmer, June, 1964 to June, 1965.  Assignment involved programming of mathematical solutions for the U.S. Army’s Long Range Survey System (LRSS) Gun Direction Computer XM18, a Field Artillery Digital Automatic Computer (FADAC).
  • Pacific Telephone Company.  Marketing Results Staff Supervisor, June, 1962 to June, 1963.  Managed a staff of approximately six people whose job it was to gather, process, and publish the data appropriate to marketing operation of Pacific Telephone

Research & Scholarship


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Awards & Recognition

  • Colorado Advanced Software Institute, Undergraduate research Grant for Development of Advanced Software for Neural Network Modeling, 1994
  • Colorado Campus Compact SEAMS Grant #95LHC007,  Development of a Comprehensive based mathematical Model called ADDS (assistance, distribution and  delivery) for managing the dispatch of 911 calls to the Denver Police Department